Lägerlatser i Värmland


Living Culture – Selected Tourist Destinations in Värmland

There are the old manors and estates ofcultural-historical importance. Through the great personal commitment of their owners, these have been conserved and, at the same time, transformed into modern hotels and activity centres. With these as a starting point, it is easy to discover tourist destinations in the vicinity.


A roundtrip amongst the county’s quaint town centres


Värmland offers a rich array of things to do when it comes to entertainment, food, and shopping. You’ll find the biggest choice of things to do in the city of Karlstad, the capital of the region and, with over 90,000 residents, the biggest.  In spite of its size, the city centre is very pleasant and most things are in walking distance.


A Fantastic Swedish Fika

At Löfbergs Rosteri & Kaffebar in Karlstad, coffee is firmly at the centre of things.  Manager Emma Johansson describes it as a tiny “geek café” situated amidst Löfberg’s enormous “coffee skyscraper”.

“People are now talking about the character of coffee in the same way you talk about the character of wine. “People are more and more interested in coffee’s different qualities and flavours.” 


Lars Lerin’s Lessons

The work behind Lars was created one summer when his mother-in-law and sister-in-law were visiting. “I couldn’t be bothered to sit there and listen to the three of them. So I was always in the atelier, archiving.”


Cakes as Art

Kristinehamn’s fairytale-like Sockerslottet (the Sugar Castle) is one of the town’s most beautiful buildings – if not the most beautiful. With white details, gleaming out, it reminds you a bit of a massive cake.   Gunilla Wall works and stores her artistic creations here. She sees herself very much as an artist. 

“Even though I love baking, I think of it as a necessary evil in order to be able to start decorating,” she says.


Natural Adventures in Värmland

Beautiful waterway

Dalsland’s canal is one of Europe’s most beautiful waterways.  The canal stretches from the west part of Lake Vänern to the other side of the Norwegian border.  The 250+ km long waterways are linked together by over 10 kilometres of canal ways, perfect for some amazing kayaking and canoeing adventures.  You go through 31 locks as you climb a total of 66 meters on the way up, amidst  beautiful natural surroundings.

Learn more: dalslandskanal.se


Family-friendly adventures

Delightful water fun

If you are looking for fast-paced water activities for the whole family, Sunne Camping & Sommarland is the place for you.  Here you will find activities for both daredevils and the more cautious.

Learn more: sunnecamping.se

Exercise, play & relax

Three pools, water slides, a gym and a pleasant relaxation area. Have fun, work out and indulge at Sundstabadet in Karlstad.

Learn more: karlstad.se/sundstabadet


Cultural Journey - Street art, animal sculptures and live music

Värmland is making a name for itself as a cultural centre and there is something for everyone here.

In the summer of 2017, Värmland was visited by the touring street art festival Artscape.  It is Scandinavia's largest street art festival and relocates to a new place every year. During the event, selected parts of the cityscape were decorated with permanent artwork by some of the world's foremost artists. These works can be seen on everything from house façades to staircases in ten of Värmland’s municipalities, including Karlstad, Torsby and Årjäng.


Discover Vänern - Sweden’s Largest Lake

Sweden’s largest lake is a real goldmine definitely worth exploring, whether you’re in your own boat or get about with one of the ferries that sail regularly in Vänern’s northern archipelago.  There are plenty of natural harbours and wonderful secluded places to swim. Don’t forget your picnic basket and fishing rod.