Unique experiences – Scandinavia's first ski tunnel, timber rafting on Klarälven and hikes in the mysterious Finnskogen.

Timber rafts or ski tunnels

Go skiing in the summer in Torsby Ski Tunnel or build your own timber fleet. Our popular art galleries and genuine Finnish culture are varied with water parks and ski resorts with snow guarantee. Events like the autocross World Cup, Rally Sweden and Svennis cup attracts thousands of visitors each year, and you are welcome too!

History and culture

Finnskogen - flowering meadows, the scent of smoke and coffee, a forest for experiences and moods from another time and culture.

In the 17th century, Finnskogen was colonised by Finnish settlers. With their advanced technology, they produced large crops from the ashes after forest fires. At the finngårdenthere are “smoke huts”, a smoke sauna and a ria. At our finngårdar, which are some of the best preserved in Scandinavia, the memories still live on. During summer, many of them are open to visitors.   

The Finnskogscentrumin Lekvattnet is a visitor centre with a museum and library, a shop with cafe, exhibitions and events. The museum offers an exciting exhibition and every year a new summer exhibition is presented.

Sahlströmsgårdenin idyllic Utterbyn carries memories of artists’ strange fates and strong personalities. Here lived the three artistic siblings Anna, Bror and Ida Sahlström, and here they were visited by their artist friends Ivan Aguéli, Siri Derkert, Carl Wilhelmsson, Einar Nerman, Karl Nordstrom and others. A unique memorial in a turn-of-the-century setting with rich collections of arts and crafts.

Utmarksmuseum and the Pilgrim Tapestryin Ransby, the 40-meter tapestry of linen fabric, is Sweden's equivalent to the French Bayeux tapestry in Normandy. The tapestry is displayed in its own medieval timbered long house. In tens of thousands of stitches, the pilgrim tapestry tells about the history of ancient pilgrims who travelled from Hammarö to Nidaros.

Kollsbergin Torsby, beautifully situated at the northern tip of Fryken, with a panoramic view, is one of our many beautiful homesteads where you can experience the history of the countryside and get an insight into what life was like in the past.

Restaurants and activities

Food should taste good and be a feast for the eyes. We have restaurants and cafés that you will gladly return to. Try our specialties kama porridge & pork and kolbullar pancakes! These dishes are served during the summer at our finngårdar and heritage farms. Some fine examples of local food culture can be found at Nedergårdens Vilt & Naturand Spishyllanin Sysslebäck, Sahlströmsgårdenand Larssons jettyin Torsby.

Naturpralinenin Sysslebäck - a chocolate factory with handmade chocolates, gift shop and café. Several of the chocolates have Värmland motifs and ganaches (truffle fillings) of Värmland berries. All products are free from preservatives and colorants. Own production of Italian ice cream and sorbets.

Torsby Ski Tunnel & Sports Centre

Sweden's first ski tunneloffers a truly extraordinary experience and is suitable for both athletes and beginners. Skiing possibilities are varied as the 1.3 km long loop of the ski tunnel follows the natural level differences of the terrain and there is a constant winter climate. Here you will find the ski tunnel, bike trails, a roller-skating rink, running and hiking trails, a frisbee golf park etc. 

Torsby's friendly wilderness is an eldorado for active visitors interested in nature. Hiking, cycling, canoeing, timber fleet cruises, skiing, snowshoeing and dog sledding - there’s something for everyone!

  • In the Torsby region, there are over 60 nature reserves with beautiful nature. Some have nice hiking trails and viewpoints. 
  • 7-Torpsleden,FinnskogledenSiristigenNordvärmlandsledenand Hovfjälletare some of our best trails, on which you can go hiking in both the depth of the wilderness and urban cultural landscapes. 
  • MTB trails in both forest areas and on smaller roads and longer cycle tracks for multi-day tours. The Fatbike Marathon in Mattila is a unique cycling experience on snow!
  • Build your own timber fleet and slowly make your way down Klarälven. A rafting trip that is both serene and adventurous. A once-in-a-lifetime experience you shouldn’t miss out on, according to National Geographic.
  • Canoeing and kayaking - Enjoy paddling in beautiful meandering rivers and streams flowing through the forest landscape. 

Accommodation and Camping

You won’t be able to do everything in one day - you’ll need more time to experience everything that Torsby has to offer. Choose between seaside camping, bed & breakfast or perhaps a comfortable hotel, centrally located close to shopping or some place with the beautiful nature right around the corner. Find a place where you feel comfortable and don’t mind staying another night. 

  • Sahlströmsgårdenlies peacefully in Utterbyn, a few kilometres north of Torsby. Here you can treat yourself to something special and combine art and recreation, good food and cozy accommodation.
  • Strandås Gästgiveriin Sysslebäck - a gem by the river Klarälven only 1 km from Branäs Ski Resort.
  • Stay at scenic Torsby Campingwhere there is always something going on. Barbecue evenings, entertainment and miniature golf with wonderful views of lake Fryken.
  • The Lodgein Torsby, genuine Bed & Breakfast in scenic surroundings at lake Nedre Brocken.