Torfolk gård: Newly-harvested, green and beautiful

The green wave washed in over Östra Skymnäs in the 1970s. The alternative life was flourishing in a race against the non-poisonous crops. Today the little village can say with pride that the REQUIREMENT mark was born here.

It began almost 40 years ago. Paret Marica Möller and Olle Göransson, as many others did in the 1970s, surfed out on the green wave in order to make the world a more beautiful, more social and more ecological place.  Or alternative as it was called in popular speech of the time.

Östra Skymnäs was called the village and the new start became Torfolk Gård. The alternative cultivation, without poisons and using the horse as the work machine, needed some type or guarantee, an independent control.

- It was us and Konsum Värmland who in the early 1980s realised that a labelling of products was needed”, explains Olle Göransson. We brought together about a hundred participants and wrote down a set of regulations on a sheet of A4 paper. There and then the non-profit organisation Kontrollföreningen for alternativ odling (Control association for alternative cultivation) was formed. The abbreviation became KRAV, which is today a well-know label that guarantees that the product has been ecologically produced.

Since then a lot of water has flowed through Klarälven and vast quantities of ecological vegetables have been harvested from the fields and the greenhouses of Torfolk Gård. Marica and Olle are surfing further on their green wave and today also have a well-known jam production that every years fills jars with 200 tonnes of jam.

“We stumbled on the jam production as a supplement to the vegetables. Today we deliver to the whole of Sweden and also have a Japanese customer who specialises in Nordic products”, says Olle.

During the harvesting season a lot of tourists stay, visit the farm shop and drawn in the aroma of the impressive variety of vegetables that are harvested in the same morning.

“There is nothing to beat the freshness and the experience of newly-harvested vegetables. And I do believe that the taste is enhanced by the fact that we put our soul into what we are growing”, believes Olle, who after almost 40 years of growing gets a tear in his eye from a field of beautiful green broccoli.

The great interest in shopping in the farm shop, the curiosity of families with young children about the pigs and the chickens as well as the doubling in the number of inhabitants of the village of Östra Skymnäs is in line with Olle and Marica’s beliefs.

“Today there are two green waves. One of the waves is those who move out and live as they learn from ecological thinking.  The other wave applies to all of the people who choose ecological produce when they shop. And this wave is in the process of growing enormously.