Sweet beauty at Sockerslottet in Kristinehamn

Sockerslottet. It is just as attractive, sweet and exquisite as it sounds. At the centre of central Kristinehamn, housed in a carefully renovated baptist church, you will find cake art, chocolate pralines, a café and hotel rooms beyond the usual.

Inside the former church hall the light streams in though the stain glass windows. The building is impressive and certainly takes the breath away from more than one guest.

This is where Gunilla Wall lives. The cake artist, chocolate praline makers and now hotel owner who in 2016 took home the prestigious first place in the TV broadcast competition the Big Cake Battle (Det stora tårtslaget).

“I am essentially a cake artist. I have been creating cakes since the end of the 90s. This was developed into a business with cakes to order, courses and an online shop for materials and tools. More recently I have also begun to produce chocolate pralines”, says Gunilla Wall.

A hotel with that little extra

Gunilla and her husband purchased the old baptist church five years ago. Gunilla’s business had grown out of her own home. We began to renovate the church with the greatest of care. It took as long as was needed. The idea of opening a hotel was awoken along the way. The premises are now completely finished and will welcome both café and hotel guests as well as those who want to buy a good praline or two.

There is a feeling about the hotel of giving the guests that little extra. Exclusive material and consistent high quality in a fun-filled environment creates an oasis with a real gilt edge.

“I have travelled extensively over many years in my profession as events and exhibition manager for a large global company. Many nights spent in hotels have made me choosy.  And  I have often wondered about some of the choices that the interior designers have made. Therefore, I decided to create what I myself was lacking on my travels.

Quality in the baptist church

A thought-through approach runs like a red thread through all of Gunilla’s activities.

“We have chosen to create a type of entirety with Sockerslottet. We think about quality in everything we do and we hope that our guests notice this. Now I see that we need to correct the curtain rails, I will have to speak to the “caretaker” about this. My husband that is”, says Gunilla and laughs.

Because this couple have many titles. In addition to their fulltime jobs, they run Sockerslottet, with everything that entails. They have attended to most of the renovation themselves and now they hope that their guests will enjoy their stay at Sockerslottet.

And it is hard not to. Everything from the exclusive tea to the breakfast and the premises in themselves, to the thought about raw ingredients, the sweet tastes and the decoration makes Sockerslotter in Kristinehamn an absolute gem to visit.