With Selma Lagerlöfs Mårbacka, Rottneros Park and Västanå Teater, marvellous Sunne is a tourist magnet. The kids will love the playground and water park Sunne Sommarland and Ski Sunne.

History and culture in Sunne

Sunne is perhaps best known for Selma Lagerlöf. She grew up here, and today her childhood home is a popular destination. In her last will, Selma instructed that the estate should be open to the public and on display for visitors. She stated that if "If I have not achieved anything else in my life, at least I have attracted tourists to Värmland".  Mårbackais not the only legacy that Selma has left behind. All her stories mention Sunne as a setting. Her imagination has found its way into tales and was inspired by breathtaking views, such as that from the Tossebergsklätten. She also found inspiration in the people who lived here, such as Crown Colonel Wahlstrand, who lived at Ulvsby mansionand is said to have served as the model for Gösta Berling. It is Selma's tales that have coined the phrase Marvellous Sunne

In modern times, Sunne continues to cherish Selma's stories. New stories come to life through Västanå Teater, which hosts theatrical performances in the Berättarladan (storytelling barn) every year. Not only Selma's work is performed here, but also works by other great poets like Vilhelm Moberg and Shakespeare. All of them are interpreted in an excellent manner. Next to the barn there is the Costume exhibition, an impressive collection and display of the clothes that have been sewn for different performances. 

Next to the Berättarladan is Rottneros Park. In the tale, the mansion here was called Ekeby herrgård. The park was built in the mid-20th century and is famous for its sculptures and flowers. The sculptures are signed by famous sculptors such as Carl Eldh, Gustav Vigeland and Carl Milles. 

Sunne was also home to other well-known authors such as Göran Tunström and Helene Tursten. Visiting the library in Sunne, you will find both Selma's and Göran Tunström’s works. Marvellous Sunne is something of a cultural centre in Värmland and has always attracted creative people. 

In Eastern Ämtervik, the famous artist couple Karin and Marc Broos launched the spectacular Alma Löv Museum of Unexp. Art. This is where art lovers come to experience art that stands out and leaves a strong impression. At first glance, the visitors may feel that they have gone astray, but it is true that here, in the middle of the Värmland countryside there is one of Sweden's most exciting museum in modern art. Today the museum is run by the couple's daughter Stella. A visit here will not leave you indifferent.  

Restaurants and activities in Sunne

It came as no surprise that when the first Nordic spa hotel was opened in Sunne, it was named Selma Spa. Today, the hotel is an accommodation that attracts active visitors who like to work out, enjoy treatments or have a delicious meal. The hotel's view of lake Fryken contributes to a pleasant experience. 

In central Sunne there are restaurants for every taste, inspired by different parts of the world. If you are looking for traditional Swedish food, you can find Saffran & Vitlökin the same building as the library right next to Teatertorget. Here you will also find one of Sweden's oldest and most beautiful cinemas, Teaterbiografen in Sunne. At the cinema you can watch both cabaret and movies and enjoy the interior that hasn’t changed much in the last 100 years. 

Outside Sunne there are some restaurants that offer different kinds of food experiences. In Stöpafors you can eat hamburgers in a 1950s flair at Diner45. In Lysvik at Frykens Pärlayou can sit by the seaside on the terrace or inside and choose between a tasty buffet or a la carte meals. Sillegårdenin Västra Ämtervik offers high quality traditional Swedish food in an early 20ieth century setting, surrounded by art created by artists who used to live here. In GräsmarkKalasmakerietoffers smörgåsbord from time to time. Usually, they serve home-cooked food of superior quality. Just north of Sunne you will find Ulvsby Herrgårdwhich serves the most unforgettable julbord (Christmas table), and tasty dishes made from local ingredients from Sunne and Värmland. Delicious meals are cooked with creativity and with the guest's taste experience in mind.

If you are traveling to Sunne with children during summer, a stop at Sunne Sommarlandis highly recommended. This is a water park with lots of fun rides for the whole family. If you like water, you’ll love Sunne Sommarland, but there are activities for everyone. How about taking a trip on a Segway or going for a drive in the small electric cars, maybe playing some adventure golf or bowling? Sunne Sommarland offers you everything you could wish for. There is also a restaurant on site, so you do not have to go hungry. 

Upon visiting Rottneros Park, you can explore Nils Holgersson's playground, which is appreciated by families with children between 2-11 years. Here the kids can discover the ship with its swings and slides or visit Gösta Berling and climb the Gurlitta klätt. 

In winter, when the snow lies deep in Finnfall, Ski Sunneopens the beautiful ski slopes and the whole family can enjoy skiing, snowboarding or sledding. The hilltop offers a lovely view of the Fryken lakes, and by the parking lot there are amenities such as restaurants and ski rentals. 

Accommodation and Camping in Sunne

Sunne offers a wide variety of different accommodations. Selma Spais the most renowned accommodation, but you can also stay at mansions such as Ulvsby herrgårdor Ominne HideawaySunne campingis located directly next to Fryken and Sunne Sommarland and offers pitches for caravans and mobile homes. They also have cabins for rent. Campsites are also available in Västra ÄmtervikLysvikand Gräsmark.

The centre of Sunne is picturesque and offers a variety of shops and restaurants. Here, the library designed by Gert Wingård can be found. It is definitely worth a visit, not only because of the beautiful interior as well as, of course, the abundance of books, but also because you can find an Infopoint with tourist information here.