Sun Dance Ranch - camp site

The Sun Dance Ranch has a small cozy campsite so that the camping lovers can also enjoy the ranch feeling.

The Sun Dance Ranch has a small cozy campsite so that the camping lovers can also enjoy the ranch feeling. It is not intended that the Sun Dance Ranch will start a large campsite (that’s not our priority and that there are enough campsites in the area) but we do want to give the camping lover the opportunity to also experience the ranch feeling but from their own motor home, caravan or tent.

The idea is actually that there will be a combination with a riding experience from one of the camp guests, for example by booking a riding lesson, trail ride or day trail. You do not have to book in advance.
The service building

In the building at the saloon there is a toilet with two showers, two toilets, a sink, double sink and the ability to use the washer and dryer. However, we don’t have opportunity to unload a chemically toilet! That must be done somewhere else in advance or you should use environmentally biodegradable cleaner/flusher. Another possibility is to use detergent with vinegar in the sump. Because we have a septic tank that is self-cleaning and the operation would be disturbed if chemicals come in. We do not want the remains in our groundwater, what also means our drinking water!
Extra facilities at the campsite

The site has its own fire places, picnic tables, garden tables and chairs which may be used. We have two mini-soccer goals and a large lawn to play on. There is a lovely picnic spot made by the water with a sunken sitting with fire place/BBQ place, dining area and stairs down to the water. The camping guests can also make use of the saloon, and for example play a game, enjoy reading in the seating area, order drinks, snacks or order dinner (choice of menu or small card).

In the saloon there is a ping pong table and a pool table in the saloon (from 16jr) and a dartboard. Guests can also participate in the weekly BBQ or the many cozy campfire evenings and evening entertainment program in July and August with for exemple: dropping, 5-camp, shooting, quad driving, lassoing, beaver safari canoe etc. It's just not allowed in saloon/on and around the terrace of the saloon to consume own drinks or snacks. Of course that is allowed on the several picnic areas on the camp site or at the water side.
Spot on the ranch

The maximum 15 pitches are behind the cabins and look out over the large meadows, forest and over the river (almost every evening a beautiful sunset). It is very quiet here and we regularly see deer, foxes, cranes and even moose walking through the garden. But of course it is a ranch where occasional tractor starts to pick up the horses, etc. The kids also love to help out on the ranch and what to help the horses and other animals hay grooming and brushing. Everything is possible as long as everyone behaves and listens to the instructions of the staff.
Indian teepees

In 2014, the ranch will be decorated with four original Indian teepees. The large 6 meter diameter tipi will serve as a common living and dining tipi where we will make diner above open fire: the so-called outdoor cooking. Especially when the weather is bad even during the weekly BBQ we can cozy up with its all in the teepee. The three other five meters in diameter teepees will be decorated in style and will serve for the rental. Would not it be a great experience to sleep on a western ranch in a real teepee!
Cooking stuga

From 2015 we have a nice cooking cabin: cooking stuga. Al our guest can use this nice cabin to cook or to sit warm and dry. It has a kitchen with warm and cold water, cooking plates, cooler/freezer, microwave and watercooker. It also has al the equipement to cook (like pans) and to eat (plates, knives etc.). Of course you clean up yearself after using the stuga and equipement!!
Opening hours
September-27th of April: open only for bookings
28th of April-31st of August: open every day 10 am-8 pm
Sun Dance Ranch
Yggenäs Björkhaga
683 62 Ekshärad
Sun Dance Ranch i Ekshärad
683 62 Ekshärad
Municipality: Hagfors
Sun Dance Ranch ligger vackert beläget längs Klarälvens strand strax utanför Ekshärad i Yggenäs.
Om du kommer körandes norrut på väg 62; sväng höger direkt efter kyrkan i Ekshärad och åk över Klarälven. Lite längre fram delar vägen på sig, sväng höger. (Du är nu på väg 931 på östra sidan Klarälven.) När du passerat skylten med "Yggenäs", ta första till höger. Ranchen ligger i slutet av grusvägen. Från kyrkan är det fem kilometer till Sun Dance Ranch. Från Hagfors/Edebäck/Bergsäng: ta första vägen till vänster efter skylten "Yggenäs". Ranchen ligger vid slutet av grusvägen.
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Pricetype: Person/night adult
Price: 90 kr
From 14 years
Pricetype: Peron/night children
Price: 60 kr
Up to 13 years
Pricetype: Electricity/night
Price: 50 kr
Pricetype: Laundry
Price: 60 kr
Washing/drying including soap