Savolax Holiday homes

Stay in a cosy cottage in the silent countryside near lake Tvällen and enjoy the beautiful landscape in Bogen, north of Arvika.
Savolax is located near lake Tvällen in Bogen, one hours drive north of Arvika, just 10 km from the Norwegian border. During the 17th century farmers from Finland moved to the area around Bogen and Savolax is a translation of "Savonia" - a province in Finland. "Savolax" was one of the first farmhouses built by the Finish settlers in Bogen and today there are three comfortable cottages at the same spot.

Here you find accommodation in the silent countryside, in the middle of the wildness. Three cottages with 4-6 bed, fully equipped with kitchen, bathroom, satellite TV, stove and Wifi. Access to washing machine and barbeque. Access to a rowing boat is included in the rental.
Transfer to Oslo airport can be arranged. Fishing permits available. Motorboats, canoes and bicycles can be rented.

In Savolax you stay in a beautiful, idyllic Swedish landscape near woods and lakes. Take a hike in the forests and explore nature, try your fishing luck in one of the many lakes in the area (even put and take) and visit things worth seeing in Arvika and Sunne.
Opening hours
Open from April - October.
Bogen Savolax
670 35 Gunnarskog
Bogen Savolax
670 35 Arvika
Municipality: Arvika
Stugor vid sjön Tvällen i Bogen.
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