Restaurang Ekenäs - Café. Camping. Guest harbor

Discover Värmlandsnäs, welcome to beautiful Ekenäs!
Welcome to beautiful Ekenäs! Looking for peace and relaxation or activities and new experiences? Here you will find a lovely guest harbor, family campsite and Restaurant Ekenäs with a lovely view of Lake Vänern.

Campsite for tents, caravans and motorhomes, 4 cabins, 3 and 4 beds for rent. Service house, in the service house there are 5 toilets and 5 showers. Washer and dryer, dishwasher facilities. Coffee maker & refrigerator. Laundry and dryer, payable per use.

Ekenäs guest harbor with about 25 seats, the inlet is 2 meters deep.
Port depth 2 m Chart 133 NW 58 ° 53.8 N 13 ° 14.0 E Ekenäs bay on Värmlandsnäs southernmost part. Sailing from the east, -The small clubs-. Muddy gutter through the reeds. App 40 km in to Säffle city

Experience the beautiful nature hiking, take a bike ride or experience Lake Vänern in kayaking. At the campsite you can rent both bicycle and kayak.
Eat good food at Restaurant Ekenäs. Here, there are places both inside the beautiful building and outside. Book your table! Note There is poor reception at Ekenäs, you get no answer when you call to book or get information, try to mess up or email. 0702-638606 or or email. If you want to have a snack, you can do it in the small café by the jetty. For prices, current opening hours see the web and follow Restaurant Ekenäs on Facebook!
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For prices on camping see web. Current opening hours, events and special evening offers follow restaurant Ekenäs on Facebook
Restaurang Ekenäs, gästhamn och camping
661 91 Ekenäs, Värmlandsnäs
Ekenäs, Värmlandsnäs
Ekenäs, Värmlandsnäs
661 91 Säffle
Municipality: Säffle
Therese Tingberg
Ekenäs på Värmlandsnäs är ett attraktivt besöksmål. Här finns vandringsleder, gästhamn, restaurang med mera. Avgångshamn för reguljära båtturer och charterturer till Vänerns öar och skärgårdar.
Från Säffle centrum följ skyltning mot Ekenäs
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