Kristinehamn Herrgårdscamping & Stugor

A family camping at Lake Vänern, 3 km from Kristinehamns center, which is great for laughs, adventure, relaxation and inspiration.
With a long shoreline towards Lake Vänern, we can offer you cabins right by the beach and camping pitches with beautiful views over the water. And with the city just around the corner you are also close to everything that the city has to offer. Exciting activities for the entire family. Here you will find an exciting arrange of activities which the entire family can enjoy. There are a lot of exciting things to see and experience and lots of activities which are suitable for both young and old. Total 60 cabins. 35 cabins with shower & wc. 10 cabins with wc, 15 cabins without shower & wc.
Opening hours
Open all year. During high season is the reception open all days 8am-10pm. During low season can the opening hours in the reception vary.
Kristinehamn Herrgårdscamping & Stugor
Presterudsallén 2
681 55 Kristinehamn
Kristinehamn Herrgårdscamping & Stugor
Presterudsallén 2
681 55 Kristinehamn
Municipality: Kristinehamn
Kristinehamn Herrgårdscamping & Stugor
Centrally located family camping next to Lake Vänern with fun activities for the whole family. 60 cabins, over 200 campingpitches and two hostels to rent for groups.
Kristinehamn Herrgårdscamping & Stugor is located in Kristinehamn's archipelago, about 3 km from the city center. Follow signs to the Archipelago and Picasso Sculpture.
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Animals allowed


Pricetype: Picazzo, Bro, Allé and Sjövillan- cabins with shower and wc
Price: 890 kr
890-1490 SEK for these top modern cabins with all facilities in diffrent executions.
Pricetype: Båthus- cabins with shower and wc
Price: 790 kr
790-1050 SEK for these cabins close to Lake Vänern and Presteruds Mansion.
Pricetype: Presterud -cabins with wc
Price: 660 kr
660-830 SEK for this cabins with a nice view overlooking the campsite and Lake Vänern.
Pricetype: Skymning- cabins without shower and wc
Price: 350 kr
350-600 SEK for cabins without water but close to servicehouse and summeropen café/restaurant.
Pricetype: Camping spots
Price: 100 kr
100-350 SEK Quickstopp for mobilehomes and campingspots with gras/grubbels with/without electricity