Gylleby Hostel

In the heart of Värmland, you can stay at a manor that is a hundred yeras old. A manor wit ha view of lake Fryken, and where every room is unique.


History of the Manor

Gylleby Manor has a history that spans over a century. The place is surrounded by forests, fields, and lakes, but in spite of the countryside setting it is only a brisk walk away from Sunne town centre. The beautiful manor house has 17 carefully decorated bedrooms, a big drawing room, and a dining room with a view of lake Fryken. Gylleby Manor has been recorded in local literature. In Gösta Berling’s Saga, one of the most famous works by Nobel Prize winner Selma Lagerlöf, Gylleby is mentioned as “Munkeby”. In Lagerlöf’s The Löwensköld Ring it is called “Hedeby”, and it has also been mentioned in F.A. Dahlgren’s musical Värmlänningarna as “The Home of Rik-Ola”.

The Rooms

Because of the manor’s respectable age, all of the bedrooms have their own unique look. Gylleby hostel offers self-catering, with shared bathrooms, showers, and kitchen areas. Each room has comfortable beds with spring mattresses, pillows, and duvets, as well as a sink, mini fridge, and electric kettle. Free wifi is available throughout the hostel. In the drawing room, you can sit down in one of the comfortable couches or armchairs to relax after a day out.


Gylleby Vandrarhem
Gylleby 1
686 91 Sunne
+46 706248388
Gtlleby Herrgård
686 91 Sunne
Municipality: Sunne
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