Skutberget - The best running track in Sweden

Skutberget has been nominated as the Best Running Track in Sweden.

Two boys, Oskar and Philip, had three shared dreams.

  • To become wicked runners.
  • To discover Sweden.
  • To write a book.

The project ‘Best Running Track in Sweden’ (Sveriges bästa motionsspår') was born out of these dreams. For 90 days between July and September 2016 they travelled around the country in order to try out the very best running tracks in each municipality. During this period they visited 2-5 running tracks every day and gathered material for their future book. They discovered Sweden at the same time as developing into wicked runners and finally decided to create a top list to then be compiled into a book.

There were a lot of Värmland municipalities that appeared in the top 100 list and in honoured first place came Skutberget in Karlstad. Here you can read (swedish) about the running tracks of Värmland and their reasons for their placements:

1. Skutberget, Karlstad

16. Torsby Sportcenter, Torsby

21. Frykstastugan, Kil

34. Kalhyttan, Filipstad

36. Kilenegården, Hammarö

39. Sisugården, Forshaga

97. Tegnerspåren, Säffle

Read more: Sveriges Bästa Motionsspår. (swedish)