Selma Spa in Sunne

Selma Spa: Fairytale SPA in the forest of Sunne

The perfect place for recuperation can be found by the strait that links the central part of Lake Fyrken with the upper part. Selma Spa+ has helped people to relax for more than 20 years.

Selma Spa in Sunne is one of the largest and best known spa hotels in Scandinavia. The rooms have lake views, the food is good and you can spend your days on sports activities or lovely spa experiences.

This part of Värmland is by tradition the perfect choice for those who like to be active and live healthily - in the winter on the piste and the hills and in the summer with the forest and the water as given ingredients.  Ans at Selmpa Spa+ there is care for “the whole person”, which forms the basis for the activities and the treatments that attract over 35,000 guests every year.

“In addition to our gym where you can train by yourself there are up to ten instructor-led group training passes for the scheme every day”, says Hotel Director Anders pertun. Your stay here will be completely at your own pace.

“We continue to develop in line with our guests, a lot come here on a regular basis”, continues Anders Pertun. We are also open for additional customer group by more consciously offering ready-made concepts that combine our own activities, interesting lectures, treatments and good food and drink.

Now you can come to Selma Spa+ for intensive and informative training, completely to your own taste. Events are organised for those who want to prepare themselves before a Vasaloppet or marathon, those who want to learn more about dance or yoga or those who prefer to train on a cycle.

For those who prefer to lean back, put their feet into a warm foot bath and enjoy a luxurious treatment, this is also fine. At Selma Spa+ there are offereings to suit everyone. Sweden’s first and Scandinavia’s largest spa is located in the beautiful forests of Sunne.

Hard workout in the gym at Selma Spa
Photo credit: Hard workout in the gym at Selma Spa
Hard workout in the gym at Selma Spa
Stay at Selma Spa, a relaxing hotel in Sunne
Photo credit: Stay at Selma Spa, a relaxing hotel in Sunne
Stay at Selma Spa, a relaxing hotel in Sunne