Säffle is the region that starts at lake Vänern. Despite its astounding history that started in the 7th century, Säffle is Sweden's youngest city.

Säffle is located in the Lurö skärgårdthat is part of Europe's largest lake archipelago, a magnificent freshwater archipelago. In the north and west, we have rich fishing grounds and forests perfect for gorgeous outdoor activities. Säffle also has a vibrant cultural life, ranging from special events such as harvest festivals, viking tings and Wild West parties to popular destinations with their very own unique feel.

Restaurants and activities in Säffle

Hike, bike, canoe and kayak, swim, ride a draisine, play paintball, rent a boat or go for a cruise. Go fishingin our rich fishing grounds or right in the middle of Säffle centre: here we have one of Sweden's best fishing waters for zander. Go hiking in our nature, our pristine forests, such as Ulvfjället, which is one of Säffle municipality's highest elevations. Walk the Pilgrimsleden Västra Värmlandfrom Ekenäs up to Skillingsfors. The trail runs both in the forest and on public roads. You can also cycle on the trail, subject to the challenging parts of the terrain! 

Visit Lurö skärgård! During summer, there are regular boat trips from Ekenäs to Lurö. Look for sea eagles, visit the museum, throw a penny in the old sacrificial well or swim in the bay at Bössholmen - refreshment guaranteed! Tip: Book an overnight stay to explore the whole of Lurö! At Lurö we also have two bistros by the sea, Lurö krogand Luröbryggan. Here the guests are served freshly caught fish from Vänern and other tasty treats. 

Enjoy delicious meals and snacks in Säffle! There is a variety of restaurants and pubs offering everything from Italian, Asian, Syrian to Swedish home cooking. Krokstad Herrgård, “Fine level” according to the White Guide, cooks gourmet food from regional produce. Book an experience with the food in the focus. At Stortorget lies Holgers Konditoriwith a genuine 50's decor. At the Kanalcaféetyou can enjoy coffee and cakes together with the view of the water of Byälven and Säffle canal.  

Another very popular café is Estersin Långserud with coffee and snacks for everyone. They also serve lunch. Esters is rated “Very fine level” according to the White Guide. Grön Ko Café & Saluhall, Värmlandsbro, serves both coffee, good food and lunch. Treat yourself to a tasty snack to go! 
In summer, more cafes and restaurants are open. Enjoy coffee and cake on the von Echstedtska estateKulturladanin Ölserud and Hantverkskaféetin Nysäter. At Restaurang Fyren, Duse Udde, you can enjoy a good meal or coffee and snacks during the summer season, and Eskilsäter's guest harbour and campingserves simple lunch and coffee in a beautiful archipelago environment. 

Welcome to explore Säffle! Säffle promises unforgettable memories and simply good times.

History and culture in Säffle

Säffle is Sweden's youngest city, "born" in 1951. The city is typical of the 1950s. Architects were among others Carl Waldenström and the "functionalistic architect" Nils Einar Eriksson. 

The city of Säffle is young, but it is located in an ancient settlement. On Värmlandsnäs there are plenty of ancient monuments that speak of early settlement. Did you know that Värmlandsnäs, the mighty promontory that stands out in Vänern, is visible from the moon! 

Outside Säffle city, there are plenty of gems worth seeing, such as von Echstedtska estate, one of the most remarkable preserved estate in Värmland. Outwardly appearing to be a strict Caroline style, the interior is all flowering quaint rococo. Here you will also find the country's most beautiful outhouse and the garden with Värmland apple varieties and magical herbs.  

At Nysäter’s market stalls, traders have been selling their products since 1756. Even Today, you can see what the market once looked like. Every year, Nysäter's market is organized here, a very popular market and folk festival - people travel long distances to experience it. 

Säffle also has a vibrant cultural life, ranging from special events such as harvest festivals on Värmlandsnäs, viking tings and Wild West parties. The young artists may also step on the stage, for example, in SäffleOperan'scelebrated productions, where professionals and amateurs perform together. 

In Säffle we place art at the centre of attention. The old Vattentornet(water tower) has become a unique art gallery.  At Tullnäbben there is the Säffle Zoo. In 2017, several Värmland municipalities participated in a giant project, Artscape, where artists from all over the world came and “painted Värmland”. In Säffle you can now admire two large murals.

Accommodation and Camping in Säffle

From mansion to cabin, in Säffle the choice is yours. Reside in style at Krokstad Herrgård, whose kitchen is famous for its food, or sleep majestically up in the treetops in Naturbyn. The village and its cottages are fully powered by firewood, so there is no electricity at all. Here you can really disconnect from the outside world!

If you want to stay near Vänern, the right place for you is Duse Udde Campingor Ekenäs guest harbour and campingat Värmlandsnäs; here also the Wingården B&Bcan be found, which is a close to nature accommodation with a view of Vänervik.

In the city centre there is everything from hotel, First Hotel Royalto bed and breakfast like theVilla Billerudat Byälvens Brink, and the family-friendly B&B Viking. At Svanbo hostel, Svanskog, you are close to nature and activities.