Presteruds Herrgård Fest & Konferans

The mansion can be rented out for conferences, weddings, parties and other fun things.
The manor house has two smaller conference rooms, a club room and a large banquet room for up to 140 people, all beautifully furnished and inspiring. The club room and banquet hall is also suitable for trade fairs and exhibitions. You choose what or what facilities you want, and they rearranged as desired.
 On site there is wireless internet access, whiteboard, flipchart, conference pads and pens. For a fee, you can also order accessories such as projector, TV / DVD, sound system and more.

There is a dedicated site for conferences, weddings and special occasions:
Kristinehamn Herrgårdscamping & Stugor
Presterudsallén 2
681 55 Kristinehamn
Kristinehamn Herrgårdscamping & Stugor
Presterudsallén 2
681 55 Kristinehamn
Municipality: Kristinehamn
Kristinehamn Herrgårdscamping & Stugor
Centrally located family camping next to Lake Vänern with fun activities for the whole family. 60 cabins, over 200 campingpitches and two hostels to rent for groups.
Kristinehamn Herrgårdscamping & Stugor is located in Kristinehamn's archipelago, about 3 km from the city center. Follow signs to the Archipelago and Picasso Sculpture.
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