Mariebergsskogen, a park to enjoy

Take a walk to Mariebergsskogen, one of Värmland’s most-visited gems.

Mariebergsskogen is a classic park filled with memories and nostalgia that has been open to the people of Karlstad since 1925.


Swedish farm animals live in Lillskogen Zoo: cows, ponies, minature pigs, goats, sheep, rabbits and chickens. If you visit the park during the early summer you will meet sweet kids, lambs and piglets and in the summer pastures you will be able to study the animals close-up.

Naturrum Värmland

In the middle of the Klarälv delta between the gleaming water and the magnificent old pine forest lies Naturum Värmland. It is a building with large panoramic windows and a bridge where you can enjoy your coffee among the fish who swim by or take a peek at the birds out in the wetland. Take on board the nature guide’s recommended walking trails to both old forests and shore meadows. Take out your bucket and see dragonfly, beaver and frogs close up. Go to the bird tower with your binoculars and catch sight of the harrier.

Within the natural landscape there are a number of exhibitions with lots for the whole family to discover. You can learn about the lynx, wolf, bear and take a peek into beehive society. Watch a film in the Egg (ägget), Naturum’s own cinema and watch Bo Landin’s journey through the nature of Värmland. There is also a shop offering lots of fun gadgets and a café serving good coffee and snacks and tasty lunches.

Waffles are served with cream and jam in the timbered cottage Spikgården from the nineteenth century, surrounded by peony flowers, rose bushes and and animals in Lillskogen.

You can enjoy a good meal or one of the fantastic ice cream capsules on the Terrace. If you prefer to pack your own pick-nick basket there are BBQs and benches at several places in the park.

Fun activities in a beautiful environment

It is no surprise that Mariebergsskogen is one of the most visited places in Värmland. Quiz walks are organised every week and during the summer holidays the kids can take part in treasure hunts and secret missions where they can learn more about nature. Hire a ball and club from the kiosk and have a round on the mini-golf course or play street basketball, beach volleyball, boules or blocks. During the winter you can go ice skating on the popular ice rink.

And on warm summer days why not wander down to the park shore for a cooling dip in Lake Vänern. Or tag along on a troll walk! The troll walk is an exciting interactive theatre presentation for children in the middle of deep woods where anything can happen.

If you would like to get an idea of what the park has to offer why not take a ride on the tour train. The train is named after the founder of the park, Conrad Höök, who donated the park to Karlstad in the nineteenth century. You can learn more about the origins of the park, the buildings and all of the important historic milestones.

Both Mariebergsskogen and Naturum Värmland are open every day year round and entry is free. The area is fully-accessible to users of walking frames, wheelchairs or pushchairs.

Take a trip to Mariebergsskogen, but allow plenty of time. There is lots to discover and there are many regular visitors to the park. It is easy to get to Mariebergsskogen. Walk from Karlstad Central Station by taking the underpass beneath the railway and follow the bay along the water. The well-signposted cycle paths go from several direction to the cycle parking area outside of the entrance. If you are driving, just leave the E18 towards the hospital and follow the brown and white signs. The number 12 city bus has a regular service and between July and August you can take the boat bus from the centre or Skoghall and back again.


Lillskogen at Mariebergsskogen
Photo credit: Lillskogen at Mariebergsskogen
Lillskogen at Mariebergsskogen
Naturum Värmland
Photo credit: Naturum Värmland
Naturum Värmland
Take a sightseeing tour by the train Conrad Höök
Photo credit: Take a sightseeing tour by the train Conrad Höök
Take a sightseeing tour by the train Conrad Höök
Mariebergsskogen - Karlstad city park
Photo credit: Mariebergsskogen - Karlstad city park
Mariebergsskogen - Karlstad city park