Karlskoga Degerfors – a Swedish fishing destination

Karlskoga Degerfors – a Swedish fishing destination

Karlskoga Degerfors is a Wermlandian destination for fishing

Karlskoga Degerfors – a fishing destination

Martina Björck MD/Tourism Manager at Karlskoga Näringsliv & Turism AB talks about Karlskoga-Degerfors’ new project where they will be focusing heavily on fishing and to turn Karlskoga-Degerfors into an established fishing destination.

The area offers as many as 100 lakes. Thanks to the project all of the fish conservation associations can work with common rules and a common marketing strategy and have together produced a tourist fishing permit. The tourist fishing permit can be used for 10 days between 1 June and 30 September. The fishing tourism card can be bought from Karlskoga-Degerfors tourist information offices. The tourist fishing permit is valid in 70 lakes in the Karlskoga-Degerfors area, including the lakes Ölen, Storbjörken, Möckeln, Skagern and Mörkestjärn. It is usual to catch zander and perch in the normal natural lakes. Within the Karlskoga-Degerfors area there are also “put and take waters” where charr and salmon can be caught, however the put and take scheme is not included in the general fishing permit and an additional charge will be made for this.

Fishing app gets a bite

Guides are available in the area that can be booked by guests and there are also a lot of fishing entrepreneurs who will look after the fishing tourists. Not everyone will want to fish with a personal guide and will instead use the Fishing Map (Fiskekartan) app which has been developed via the project in conjunction with Karlskoga Näringsliv och Turism AB, the Municipality of Degerfors and Örebro County Council, which has been involved with and financed the project. The Fishing Map contains loads of information on lakes and the 70 lakes that are included in the tourism fishing permit scheme. The app shows the user’s current position, which simplifies getting an overview of the 70 lakes for which the permit is valid and locating the lake that the user wants to fish.   

There is also information on the types of fish available, where fishing permits can be bought and other relevant information such as fishing regulations. One of the rules shown in the Fishing Map app is that the user of the tourist fishing permit must always carry a tape measure in order to measure the minimum and maximum sizes of fish as there are rules on the size of fish when they are caught. There are also different size rules for different species of fish and rules for the number of fish that may be caught.

The Fishing Map can be downloaded from both the App Store and from Google Play. The app is part of the Karlskoga-Degerfors project - a fishing destination and next year the app will be further developed.  The idea is that from next year it will be possible to buy the tourist fishing permit directly through the app and to upload images so that others can share in your catch. Translation into other languages is also a future goal. 

“Everybody may buy the tourist fishing permit, not just visitors, and what is fun about fishing is the fact that everyone can do it. Tourists who buy individual fishing permits usually come from Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany and Holland, but many people from central Sweden also buy them”, says Martina Björck. There has been such a good collaboration with fish conservation associations through the project that it has been possible to establish common rules and a common marketing strategy for all of the lakes. The entire fishing tourism industry is running smoothly thanks to the project.