Go hiking with a guide, go on a wilderness safari, or cycle along the Klarälven river - however you choose to get around, Hagfors can promise you fantastic outdoor adventures along the way. We have something for everyone - the choice is yours!

Experience the fabulous nature of the Hagfors region

In the Hagfors region, it’s Mother Nature that offers you the greatest sights to see. You’ll find her at the centre of everything here, which is quite understandable when you think of all the beauty she has to offer. The range of activities available is wide and varied, whether you’re an adult or a kid full of energy. Glide along on a canoe on a crystal clear lake or experience the ancient power of Brattfallet’sincredible waterfall. Explore the forests, animals and plants that live there. Join a safari and look out for the king of the forest, or why not see moose at close range in Värmland’s only moose park?

Seeing animals in their natural environment and being able to get really close to them is an experience for all the family. Join a safari and meet the moose, the construction engineer, the beaver, and the mythical wolf. Discover nature onhorsebackor sitting on a sled drawn by huskies. Go canoeing, hiking, or bike-riding. Float along on a raft, ride a quad bike, or how about traveling by rail trolley on the old railway tracks?

Easy to reach and close to nature

Whichever mode of transport you choose, we can promise you a fantastic outdoor experience along the way in Hagfors.

Hiking is the best way to get close to nature. In the Hagfors region, there are trails and tracks everywhere, just waiting to feel your footsteps. Short or long, easy or more challenging - there’s hiking for everyone here. And when you get the spring back in your step, it won’t be long before your thoughts do the same and wander off. The beauty of nature will make you look skyward and see beyond all the needs and demands of everyday life.

The powerful waterfall, Brattfallet, is the starting point for the 7km long Halgåleden. This adventurous hike can be demanding in places, with large differences in difficulty, but offers incomparable views over the Klarälven valley.

Restaurants and activities

The local population live side by side with nature, and they know better than most how to make the best of what Mother Nature’s larder has to offer. Thanks to local producers, everything goes hand in hand with the greatest humility, to create genuine food with soul. Let this tasty food lead you and your taste buds on a journey throughout all the neighbourhoods and towns in the local area.

The sound of pure, sheer happiness. That special laugh that children have when they’re really having fun and feeling great. It’s infectious, isn’t it? In Hagfors, fun, play, and laughter is never far away. You can visit child-friendly beaches, green spaces, and playgrounds here. Challenge the family to bowling, play train driver onboard the train at the railway museumor why not take a ride on the trolley track between Hagfors and Uddeholm?

One wild way to explore Hagfors is by bike. If you like mixing outdoor experiences with high-tempo action, you can get around on a mountain bike. If you want to take it easier, you can hike and cycle along the Klarälvsbanan, a 90 km long outdoor experience on car-free tarmac running from Uddeholm in the north to Karlstadin the south. In the forests around Hagfors, the path ends and Klarälvsledentakes over. You can follow the 120 km long trail all the way up to Sysslebäck.

Uddeholmsladanis a unique arena for concerts, shows, music, trade fairs, weddings and conferences. From June to September, visitors can experience first class entertainment from both Swedish and international artists in a magical environment that appeals to all your senses.

History and culture

Modern innovations and comforts meet a rich cultural heritage here, in the form of traditional local farms, handicrafts, music, and traditions. Maybe you want to know more about the people who’ve lived and worked here? Welcome to Hagfors Minnesmuseum, where you can meet Monica Zetterlund in pictures and music. You can also experience life in the mill town, and the wide-ranging musical and sporting history that influenced the world-famous singer’s youth. Another important sign of our cultural heritage is our unique, charming accent which is full of warm humour and a lot of personality. We promise that it will make you will feel at home and in very good company.

Accommodation and Camping

The Hagfors municipality has residential areas and accommodation options to suit all tastes. There are villas with lake views, smaller houses on the edges of the forests, and apartments in the centre. You’re always close to almost everything here: schools, workplaces, shopping, and beautiful nature. We’ve collected all the information you’ll need if you live or are interested in living in Hagfors municipality. Our municipal housing association is Hagforshem AB.

Are you a visitor to the area? Do you want to sleep outdoors by the Klarälven’s shores? Is it a cabin of your own with a secluded location you’re looking for? Or do you want comfort in a hotel bed and to be served breakfast the next morning? Thanks to the proximity to nature, you have the chance to experience both luxury and wilderness wherever you choose to put your bags down. Rådastrands Campingoffers glamping (glamourous camping) in their completely unique safari tents that have kitchens. living rooms, and bedrooms.