Gustaf Fröding

Gustaf Fröding, a Swedish author and poet from Värmland.

Gustaf Fröding was an author, journalist and poet and was born on 22 August 1860 at Alsters Herrgård but only l;ived there for a year. Between 1862 and 1865 Gustaf Fröding’s family lived in Byn, which is located half a mile north of Alster.  Fröding’s grandmother who lived in Gunnerud, between Alster, Byn and Alsterdalen, played an important role for Fröding.

In 1867 the Fröding family moved to Nya Kyrkogatan 5 in Kristinehamn and Fröding lived in Kristinehamn for 14 years. His father and one of his sisters are buried at Gamla kyrkogården in Kristinehamn. When Fröding was 15 he began at the present day Tingvallagymnasiet in Karlstad. Gustaf Fröding had moved many times during his lifetime, both as a child and as an adult, when he reached adulthood he lived in places including Karlstad, Uppsala and Stockholm.

In 1895 Fröding’s first poem was published in Karlstadstidningen where he also worked for a year but when wanted to write poetry fulltime.

Fröding’s debut book Guitarr och dragharmonika (Guitar and concertina) from Albert Bonniers publishers was published in 1891. He wrote approximately 400 poems. The poems were written in different Värmland dialects and in standard Swedish and it was common for Fröding to highlight the nature of Värmland in his poems.

Fröding had problems with alcohol and also psychological problems that resulted in his admission into a number of care homes and psychiatric hospitals. Gustaf Fröding died on 8 February 1911 at Gröndal Villa in Stockholm and is buried at Uppsalas kyrkogård.

Alsters herrgård has an exhibition of Gustaf Fröding with guided tours.

Poetry collections, a selection: 

  • En hög visa (1891)
  • En ghasel (1891)
  • Tre trallande jäntor (1894)
  • Ett gammalt bergtroll (1896)
  • Gråbergssång
  • En morgondröm (1896)