Tourist train ZÄTA

Experience Hagfors via the sightseeing train during the summer.
The sightseeing train will pass through Hagfors and offers the travelers a lovely guided tour through the inner city, Blinkenbergsparken and HagforsParken.

The trolley track has been extended with a tourist train that will operate in central Hagfors during the summer season for the customers who rent a trolley.
The tourist train has 23 seats and one accessable by wheelchair. Hagfors Järnvägsmuseum has built the train themselves together with local companies and it's a silent ride and since it is electrically powered it emits no exhaust gases.
The train is not only for tourists, hopefully everyone will take the chance to jump aboard to take a ride to any of the museums or just go for a ride through our lovely city.

Due to Covid-19 there will in 2020 be a limited number of seats due to the social distancing.
Opening hours
Turerna går i september: Tisdag, onsdag och torsdag med start vid COOP:s parkering 15.00.Ser ni tåget åka iväg, bli inte ledsna det kommer igen efter 20- 30 minuter. Turerna är gratis!
Hagfors Järnvägsmuseum
Uvedsvägen 7
683 33 Hagfors
+46 56314900
Hagfors Järnvägsmuseum
683 33 Hagfors
Municipality: Hagfors
Ligger strax utanför Hagfors stadskärna, nära industriområdet.
Signed at road 246 in the southern part of Hagfors. (Entry just opposite the OK/Q8 gas station)
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