Grandmas Ice Cream Café in Lysvik

Enjoy delicious ice cream treats in idyllic Lysvik! Grandma's Ice Cream Café also has a stunning view of lake Fryken.
Grandma's Ice Cream Café is a cosy café just by lake Fryken in Lysvik, about 20 kilometers north of Sunne. On the menu, you will find unique and delicious ice cream compositions, home made pastries and sandwiches. Sit down in the garden and enjoy ice cream, coffee, and the lovely view. There is also indoor seating for rainy days, and outside of the summer months the café sometimes arranges Afternoon Tea. There is a small gift shop, and there is always an art exhibition on display inside the café.

Grandma's Ice Cream Café opened for the first time in 2007. It is run by grandma Eva and her daughter, grandchildren, and about ten other employees during the busy summer months.

Open every day during the summer, and during some weekends the rest of the year. Groups are also welcome by appointment outside regular opening hours.

For currenting opening hours, please visit:
Mormors Glasscafé
686 97 Lysvik
Mormors Glasscafé
Tallvägen 9
686 97 Lysvik
Municipality: Sunne
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