The Edible Country

Visit Sweden and the Swedish tourist regions have opened all of Sweden as a gourmet restaurant. Now you can book a do-it-yourself meal in the Kittelfältet nature reserve, just 40 minutes’ drive from Karlstad.

Discover exciting new ingredients and make food together with friends, family or colleagues in the middle of the Värmland countryside in our DIY restaurant. 

The Edible Country – Now open for booking

Discover exciting new ingredients amid awe-inspiring landscapes. In 2019, visitors to Värmland can reserve tables at Sweden’s largest DIY restaurant. Book your place at the unique wooden table in the Kittelfältet nature reserve just outside of Filipstad. Breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the peace and quiet of the great outdoors as part of the experience of preparing a gourmet meal.

Book a table at Kittelfältet, Wednesdays and Sundays, May to September

Recipe for Värmland zander with root vegetable purée and butter-fried vegetables from Tigers Nature Living - with fine dining

Book one of the Saxå Bruk Hotel’s dining events, inspired by midsummer or crayfish, Fridays and Saturdays, selected dates

Book "Ack Värmeland du sköna", with a Monica Zetterlund theme, 29th June and 24th August

Watch the inspring films from Visit Sweden

Good, healthy food in stunning nature 

Making healthy food doesn’t need to be complicated or tiresome. And natural, healthy food prepared in the great outdoors from ingredients gathered yourself is extra good! That’s why Sweden is now being transformed into the world’s largest gourmet restaurant.

With the help of four of Sweden’s Michelin chefs, Titti Qvarnström, Niklas Ekstedt, Jacob Bjuhr and Anton Holmström, a DIY menu has been developed with ingredients you collect yourself from the woods, fields and lakes of nature’s own larder.   

In collaboration with regional tourist offices, Visit Sweden has set out hand-crafted wooden tables at seven locations around the country, ready for booking between May and September via and  Booking provides visitors with access to a cooking kit containing everything needed to create a menu from wild ingredients. 

In Värmland, you can book a table in the Kittelfältet nature reserve at Brattforsheden, just outside Filipstad. 

Book a table at (Wednesdays and Sundays from May to September)

Saxå Bruk event inspired by midsummer traditions and crayfish (Friday or Saturday selected dates) 

Ack Värmeland du sköna, with Monica Zetterlund theme (29th June and 24th August)

DIY-recipe with ingredients from nature’s own larder 

How it works

1. Book your seats at the table for free. Please note that the booking is for seats at the table and DIY recipes – no meals are included in the booking. The table is bookable every Wednesday and Sunday between May to September.

2.Once you’ve made a reservation you will receive an email from your local contact about the experience and how to book add-ons like a cooking kit with basic supplies, a local chef or a foraging guide, accommodation and more.

Why book add-ons? Foraging and cooking in nature is a fun and rewarding experience, but can also be a bit of a challenge. Why not book an add-on like a cooking kit or a local foraging guide? It makes it more relaxed and gives you the chance to learn more about the region and its cuisine.

More about the Kittelfältet area

Around Filipstad, there are lots of wonderful places to stay with the opportunity of a superbly cooked meal. Hennickehammars Herrgård is one of these places, where you can enjoy the accommodation, meals and spa possibilities to the full. Another is Saxå Bruk, an unforgettable location with both golf course and lake right outside your window.

For a more inexpensive option – but still in Brattsforheden with all its hiking possibilities, why not book in at Brattfors B&B or stay at Nordic Glamping, a locality with  real natural character.

Also make sure not to miss out on all the other activities taking place in the Municipality of Filipstad. The summer sees the advent of Filibjur, a festival week for tourists and locals alike, as well as many other great events. In addition, there’s always the chance of exploring the mining and cultural centre at Långban with a wealth of activities and a flavour of history.  

More about The Edible Country campaign

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Tables can be booked in the period from May to September.