Loviseberg Herrgård

Visit this live farm with lots of activities and goodies
Loviseberg Herrgård
Is a living farm focusing on substinence. The thought of the environment and our cultural heritage is very close to our hearts and permeates most of the things we take care of on the farm
The farm, which probably is from the late 1700s, is situated in Loviseberg just south of Sörby in Hagfors municipality. Here we conduct our small-scale agriculture with the main purpose of producing our own food to the greatest extent possible. The surplus produced is sold to visitors or used as a basis in the food we offer our visitors.

The cultivations
Our crops consist of outdoor cultivation of onions, root vegetables, cabbage plants, beans, spices, potatoes etc. as well as tomatoes, cucumbers and chili that we grow in our greenhouse.

The horses
In the work with cultivation, we often help our work horses as you, if lucky, can see in work during the visit. It is also possible to book display of these works if you are interested. The horses, which are of the breeds Ardennes and the Norwegian fjord horse, are also used for the tours with the carriage or sledge we offer. We do the trolley tours with wheeled wheels or trolleys and sleigh rides with a cross or slip-on, depending on the size and wishes of the company.

The Animals
On the farm you can also take the opportunity to greet our sheep and our hens that supply eggs to the pastries served in our farm café. If you greet the sheep, you also get the opportunity to see our restored pastures that show how much of the rural agricultural landscape may have been close to when the small-scale agriculture remained.

The café
Every Sunday during the summer season we keep our farm café open between 11.00 and 17.00. Here you can enjoy our cake table with homemade traditional cookies baked with Swedish butter and a lot of love. Choose your favorites and then enjoy them in the garden together with a jug of coffee in the old-fashioned coffee tableware.

As the seasonal vegetables mature, we serve different dishes with these as a starting point. Take the opportunity to choose and harvest the raw materials that will soon be your own lunch. The food is prepared in our outdoor kitchen and is served in our garden. It can't be more fresh and locally produced. NOTE! The restaurant is only open when booked!

For the competitive, we can also offer a team competition where you will find out who in the company possesses the greatest knowledge and skills needed to become the best farmers. We compete, for example, in rolling big bales, driving wheelbarrows, fencing and throwing eggs.

About us
For current information on opening hours and other events please check our Facebook or Instagram...

You can book via mail: lovisebergherrgartd@gmail.com or telephone 070-69 724 18
Loviseberg Herrgård
Loviseberg Herrgård
683 94 Lakene
Municipality: Hagfors
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