Wiksfors Bruk

A vibrant visitor and business area in a unique industrial environment.

Here you will find the opening hours for all activities in the old factory ! Wiksfors Bruk is a popular destination with several different boutiques and businesses. On Wiksfors Bruk website, you will find all opening hours for all wonderful places to visit!

You can also go to the respective store, café etc to see the opening hours.Here, plans are being made to make this place an attractive tourist destination with a unique offering. The vision is that it will be developed with a range of arts, crafts, cafés, rural history and restaurant activities.

Balder Design. The store and online shop with the carefully selected products with soul, history and quality. The store reflects the interest in interior design with unique details and good design, everything from worn furniture in need of a little care to beautiful china. If you are looking for something unique for your home, to give away or the perfect item for your home, visit Balder Design! See and read more here.

Bruket Interiör. Here you will find everything you could want for your home, from textiles, candlesticks, rustic cutting boards to furniture. See the offer and opening hours here.

Wiksforsmagazinet. Serves the tastiest waffles both nutritious and sweet. There is also a shop with clothes and furnishings. Large spacious rooms and outdoor seating. Read more here and see opening hours.

Wiksfors Bruksbutik. Utensils locally-crafted from Värmland as well as locally produced pantry goods and frozen meat from Öxnevål's farm. Read more about offers and opening hours here on their Instagram

Wood sculptor Lotta Boholm Wall. Lotta is one of the tenants at Wiksfors Bruk. In her workshop she also conducts her artistic activities with workshops during the summer. This is where the sculptures grow, first on the drawing board and then from the large wooden logs. The uniqueness of the art at Wiksfors Mill will mainly be two 15 meter carved piles that will be manufactured by Lotta during 2019-2021. One will be a tribute to the girl's life and the other to the boy's life. Read more on the web.

Wedbränt - pizza cooked in the wood oven. Enjoy good pizza at Wiksfors Bruk. The pizza is cooked in a wood-fired oven! Pizza bakers Jonas and Thomas have tested the oven for a few Saturdays. Do you want to try the good pizza? Keep an eye out when they open for take away next time on Facebook Wiksfors Bruk and "wedbrant" on Instagram. 

Wiksfors Bruk is a vibrant visitor and business area with manufacturing and sales. More businesses that have established themselves in the area include carpentry and a technical workshop. If you are a contractor who needs premises / premises, contact Wiksfors Bruk

Opening hours
See links when antique shop, wood sculptor and Wedbränt are open.
Wiksfors Bruk
661 96 Långserud
Wiksfors Bruk
661 96 Långserud
Municipality: Säffle
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