What you can´t miss in Arvika!

Attractions and experiences you can´t miss on your visit to Arvika!
Here are our tips about the most famous attractions worth the visit that you shouldn't miss when you are here in cosy Arvika!

Klässbols linneväveri
Klässbol linen weaving mill was founded in 1920 and are now driven by the fourth generation. It is the only damask linen weaving mill in Scandinavia. Cloths and napkins are woven mechanically and manually for delivery to the royal court, embassies and the Nobel banquet. Walk around in the factory and the shop where first-class linen products are for sale - including products ranged from the second choice. The cosy café KaffeKvarnen are located just a stone throw away and a bit further down at the lake Glafsfjorden there is a nice bathing site for a dip on warm summer days!
More information: www.klassbols.se

An art museum that presents the most prominent figures from the rich art tradition of the Arvika so-called Rackstad Colony. The group also included prominent craftsmen. Oppstuhage was the home and studio of the well-known sculptor Christian Eriksson and are now open for visitors. Round off your visit to the café with tasty homemade bread.
For exhibition, programme see under events or on the museum homepage.

Glaskogen Naturre Reserve
Glaskogen Nature Reserve covers 28.000 hectares mostly woodland of wilderness character. You can bike, walk, paddle, camp and experience wonderful nature, nice watercourses and a wide range of wildlife. The nature reserve offers over 300 km of hiking trails. Everything from tours for a couple of hours to week-long tours with possibilities for staying overnight in windshields, cabins or campgrounds.
In Lenungshammar there is an information centre with camping, mini store, café, canoe- and bike rental and also a service facility with shower and laundry possibilities. At Café Carl you can take a well-deserved break and enjoy some coffee, simpler food, ice cream and beverage! The nature reserve is always available and the cabins are open all year.
More information: www.glaskogen.se

Arvika Fordonsmuseum
Arvika Vehicle museum offers a museum-experience beyond the usual. Antique vintage cars, bikes, motorbikes and much more fascinates all kinds of visitors. What used to be the Thermia Factory is today home for this museum showing vintage cars, vintage motorbikes, mopeds, lightweights, horse carriages, slopes and bikes.
Thermias manufactory museum shows kitchen stoves and boilers from the beginning of the 20th century to today's advanced heat pump production. Club MCV Arvika shows off some of their members vintage motorbikes. Theme exhibitions. Café and a museum shop with, among other things, vehicle-related literature, model cars, postcards and so on.
More information: www.arvikafordon.nu

Såguddens museum is beautifully situated next to Kyrkviken shore in Arvika. Browse around among historical buildings in an idyllic environment, visit the museum in the summertime and enjoy a coffee break with a nice view over the lake. At Sågudden museum there are around 20 old buildings from the 17th-19th century in west Värmland. "Storbondegården" is a museum with beautiful peasantry cupboards, furniture, household utensils and kurbits. An interesting exhibition from the prehistoric age to the mediaeval, medieval sacred sculptures, church paintings and public humiliation punishment history can also be found at the museum. In the Sågudden area there is also a playground with a don't-touch-the ground-course, animal meadows, a herbary and a rich flora with a great number of Swedish trees whose names are displayed. If the craving for some "fika" emerges/arises Café Nystuga is the place, it is opened all summer. During the whole year is a quite few events arranged at Sågudden, for example midsummer celebration, national day celebration, Sågudden day, Christmas market and so on.
More information: www.sagudden.se
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Storgatan 22
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