Värmlands Vikingacenter

Move a thousand years back in time
Move a thousand years back in time, to a crafts street from the 11th century. See street and home environments, complete with dolls of people, listen to how it might once have been on such a street and see different crafts and craft equipment. Explanatory texts and pictures are available for each environment. The exhibition also talks about the Viking Age gods and myths about them, about Värmland's ancient history, about older crafts and about the construction of the ship Glad av Gillberga. In addition to the permanent exhibitions, temporary exhibitions are shown during the season. The café is open every day and you can have lunch and light lunch here. In the small shop you can shop different types of crafts.

The Viking ship Glad by Gillberga was built in 1995 on the basis of drawings and instructions from the "Viking Shipyard" in Roskilde, Denmark.
Try rowing this craft! Bring family, your friends, colleagues it has room for 13 year pairs. Note you need to book!
Curious to see a little from the annual Viking show and rowing with the ship Glad av Gillberga? Click on the links:

See the viking ship on YouTube:

The centre is located near burial mounds where big kings is buried in Gillbergadalen. Gillberga vallye is embossed by ancient fairytales and stories.
Opening hours
2019: June 1 - August 31., Tuesday - Sunday 11 am - 5 pm. Mondays closed. With reservation for changed times during major holidays such as Midsummer
Värmlands Vikingacenter
661 95 Värmlands Nysäter
Värmlands Vikingacenter
Byälvsvägen 1
661 95 Nysäter
Municipality: Säffle
I samhället Nysäter, vägen till Borgvik över Byälven.
Från Säffle kör väg 175 mot Knöstad, mot Årjäng sväng av mot Nysäter. Vikingacentret ligger efter Byälvsvägen.
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