Street art in the center of Arvika

In the centre of Arvika you find two amazing wall-paintings which were created during the street art festival "Artscape 2017."
Hantverksgatan 12: Wall-painting, "Pipe Dream" by artist duo Norman Clan.

Hantverksgatan 11: Wall-painting, "The Griffin" by the artist Wild Drawing.

Wild Drawing (WD) started off as street artist in 2000. He has carried out solo exhibitions, and participated in group shows or festivals in Asia, Europe and America. He is currently based in Athens, Greece.

Normad Clan consists of CBloxx- Joy Gilleard and Aylo- Hayley Garner both from England. CBloxx has been named one of the world's 10 best female street artists.

They describe their artwork "Pipe Dream"
"An old angler with an unattainable dream full of endless fish, always hoping to catch the next big one. In an era when lake acidity is rising and the fine balance of the eco system is tilted the traditions of the past may well become a distant memory. Its easy to still live under the illusion that our lifestyles aren’t having a negative impact on the environment. Sweden is ranked as one of the most sustainable countries in the world and it is with careful consideration and green technology that it has earned its badge".
Opening hours
Wall paintings are found in central Arvika and are available to all, year round.
Arvika Turistbyrå
Storgatan 22
671 31 Arvika
+46 57081790
Hantverksgatan 11 och 12
Hantverksgatan 11
671 31 Arvika
Municipality: Arvika
Konstverken finns på Hantverksgatan i centrala Arvika. The Griffin, Hantverksgatan 11 Pipedreams, Hantverksgatan 12
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