The railwaystation in Svanskog

A unique station museum. Nothing has changed since the last train was running
JÅÅJs history begins in 1976, when "Railway Group Amal-Arjang" founded by nine train and train interested persons. This was ten years after the passenger had been spent on the route Amal - Svanskog and exactly 60 years after the Amal-Årjängs Railway was constituted in 1916. They wanted to save as much as possible of the Swedish railways historical documents before they disappeared.
Here there are waiting rooms, ticket office, conductor office and more, and the old locomotive with its unique wagons is still used. Because it is so well preserved and unique in its kind, many film and television recordings have been made on site over the years.
In the premises there are exhibitions about JÅÅJ - the railway Society, Svaneholms Bruk - history about the factory and Gunnel Eklund, known operetta singer who sung on the big scenes in Sweden and out in Europe.
Take the opportunity to also visit the summer café at Svanskogs Järnvägsstation. The café is open Mon-Fri at 10am-3pm to 31 August. The café trolley is a rebuilt passenger car from 1947 with furnishings from various old trolleys. There are waffles, sandwiches among others. classic rallar sandwich, drinks, sweets, ice cream, etc. Also sales of handicrafts and freshly thrown honey of a really local character. The trolley rental is located next door so you can try or rent for longer trips if you want. However, there is quite a lot of pressure on them right now, so if you want to be sure to get a trolley, you should book a few days in advance . At the same time, the station building is also open at the same times. Welcome!
Opening hours
2020 Opening hours Monday - Friday 10 am to 3 pm June 1 - August 31, thereafter by appointment or if we are on site - with reservation. Entrance applies to all exhibitions.
2020 Monday - Friday 10 am to 3 pm 1 July - 31 August. Summer café.
Järnvägsgatan 1
662 50 Svaneholm
Svanskog Järnvägsstation
Järnvägsgatan 1
662 96 Svanskog
Municipality: Säffle
Den gamla järnvägsstationen är idag ett unikt museum där miljön är bevarad. Vänthall, biljettlucka, biljetter, kontor med mera. Här har det spelats in flera svenska storfilmer då stationen är så unik och väl bevarad.
In the central parts of Svanskog
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Pricetype: Entrance fee
Price: 40 kr
Entrance applies to all exhibitions.