Ölme Diversehandel & Kafé (Museal general store & café)

Museum shop furnished according to tradition at the mid of 1800s and the houndred years that followed. Café, store, museum in Kristinehamn.
Imagine the time when clocks were not important, and there were neither conveyor belts nor electrical cash registers. A time when flour was not delivered to the store ready packaged and sugar didn’t come in cubes; when ice cream machines were not automatic and coffee beans had to be ground manually. That time, in the mid 19th century and the hundred years that followed, is still here. The old general store Ölme diversehandel is a museum that takes you back to the time you had almost forgotten about, or maybe never experienced.

There is everything from football shoes to toys, porcelain to full packets of cigarettes, and groceries such as flour, cacao, washing powder, herbs, peas, coconut and coffee, with their original contents and packaging. You can, of course, shop in the store for gifts including pretty serviettes, gifts, tins and baskets, as well as linen goods and jackets.
The café always serves freshly brewed coffee and tea, sandwiches, biscuits and cakes. Also lunches, wine and beer. From the outdoor seating area, which has a view over the town, you can listen to the soothing sound of Carl Nesjar’s fountain.

Free admission.
Opening hours
Wednesday - Sunday 11 pm - 4 am
Kristinehamns Turistbyrå
Södra Torget 3
681 84 Kristinehamn
Parkmagasinet & Ölme museala diversehandel
Brandkårsvägen 11
681 00 Kristinehamn
Municipality: Kristinehamn
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