Nature reserve Svartån

Svartåleden Brattforsheden
Svartån is one of the counties largest water areas.
Svartån with its basin is one of Värmlands largest water areas that presently is not regulated for hydroelectrics. The nature reserve is the second in Värmland to be protected due to it's water-related natural values.
The course is about 28 km (inflows not calculated). The nature reserve of Svartån is mostly situated within the conservation area of Brattforsheden and also a Natura 2000 area, however parts of the course (Forshyttan-Bosjön) is situated north east of Brattforshedens conservation area.

Svartån from Bosjön to Grässjön changes it charachter from flowing with deciduous forest dominated beaches to tranquil and meandering with mainly coniferous forest along the beaches. Within the area you find three larger bryophytes (mosses) and the area is relatively mire free and the water is very clear.

Svartån mainly runs through glaciofluvial sand and you can see the powerful cuts in the sandy layers quite clearly in several places. The stream has a sharply meandering course where a continous erosion and sedimentation process along the beaches create important environments for insects and birds among others. Adjacent to the sandy beaches you will find grass- and herb rich gaps in the spruce forest.

Animals and plants
Svartån has a weak population of the redlisted freshwater pearl mussel. In the water course you will also find most of the common species for flowing water such as trout, alpine bullhead, Miller's thumb, pike, burbot, roach and minnow. The existing trout stock is worthy of protection in itself but also vital for the reproduction of the freshwater pearl mussel. The sandy beaches of Svartån are important environments for many more unusal and redlisted insect species.

The largest part of the surrounding forest along Svartån is mainly pine, fir, downy and silver birches, grey alder and regular alders and is mostly young to middle-aged with elements of older trees. The most interesting forest from a nature conservation point of view can be roughly divided into firdominated ravine forest, dry sand pine forest and grazing spruce mixed forest. The forest has been used for centuries in the area. Several creeks connects to Svartån and amplifies the impression of the special gorge system that has cut down into the loose glaciofluvial sand. The forest along most of the tributaries have a higher age.

In the area there are interesting cultural historical remnants. Svartån has been used as a rafting channel and on some parts along the water course you can see stone materials that has been cleared up in connection with the rafting. In Svartåhyttan are remnants of a pond and old ruins from old industries from an early iron handling during the 1600's to 1800's. Svartåhyttan was built in 1678 as a help for the older Forshyttan and Paradishyttan. In the beginning of the 20th century the water was used for hydro electrics. In the area you will find plenty of remnants in the shape of charcoal pits, gorges and tar pits.

Road description
Situated between Hagfors and Filipstads municipalities, the nature reserve is found between Bosjön in Filipstads municipality and the lake Grässjön in Hagfors municipality about 15 km north west of Filipstad.

In the reserve it is forbidden to:
* break twigs, cut down, injure or remove living or dead trees and bushes,
* drive motor vehicles such as tractors, snow mobiles and ATV's
* make a fire on any other sites but the specifies locations.

Without the permit of Länsstyrelsen it is forbidden to:
* collect invertebrates such as bugs and mussels
* collect mosses, lichens, tree fungi or aquatic plants
* for nutritional purposes organizingly exploite the area and for schools and institutions to regularly use the area to perform scientific or other studies

The reserve was formed in: 2012
Area: 761 hectare
Landowner: Private and the state
Administrator: Länsstyrelsen Värmland
Hagfors Turistinformation
Dalavägen 10
683 80 Hagfors
+46 56318750
Svartåleden Brattforsheden
Municipality: Hagfors
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