Nature Reserve Brattforsheden

Svartåleden Brattforsheden
Nature Reserve Brattforsheden holds many geologically interesting areas, with kettle landforms, ridges, canyons and dunes. Sanddynsfälten here is among the largest in the country.
Brattforsheden was formed as a conservation area, which among other things means that forestry may be carried out, however, that some activities may be carried out only with the permission or consultation with the provincial government. Four areas within the Brattforsheden conservation area has been preserved as a nature reserve. These four parks are: "Brattfors Brandfält", "Geijersdalsmossen", "Kittelfältet" and "Lungälvsravinerna". Reserves are described under a separate heading. Conservation area was established to preserve one of Sweden's foremost examples of delta at the highest shoreline. The area is part of the EU's network of valuable nature, Natura 2000.

Animals and plants:
On sandy soils grow a dry and skinny pine forest called "hedtallskog".
The land is dominated by heather, lingonberry, reindeermoss and Icelandmoss. Typical birds are black grouse, capercaillie. At Brattforsheden has encountered many rare and threatened species adapted to semi-open forest with open and sparsely vegetated sand exposes. These include, for example. sand lizard, nightjar, woodlark, various mushrooms, and a large number of insect species. Historically such open woodland environments where created by frequent natural fires. Due to effective fire suppression and forest production the forest today is more closed than perhaps ever before, but through various collaborations a bright habitat is now recreated, suitable for the endangered species.
In the meandering rivers Svartån and Lungälven are the natural conditions differently, with several rare species living in the water and on the beaches as well as in the surrounding moist forest.

Tools and other traces of stone age settlements have been found around the Lakes Mången, Alstern and Lungen. Major graves testify to settlements from the bronze age. At several sites have found trapping pits. Throughout there are a very large number of Brattforsheden coal bottoms as remnants from centuries of charcoal production.
The cultural reserve Military Airfield 16 Brattfors is situated in the southern part of the conservation area and reminiscent of the war mobilization during the 1940 's. On the large airfield has developed an interesting dry meadow vegetation and there live many rare and endangered species including insects, birds, and mushrooms, which were more common in the surrounding meadows and grazing landscape.

In the conservation area, it is forbidden to:
drive off-road vehicles, including snowmobiles,
drive a motor vehicle other than the franchised routes (according to signage),
setting up caravan or other campingstuff for the night other than in place specifically designated,
make up a fire other than in place specifically created and assigned. Note, however, that a total fire ban, if necessary, may be issued.
damage vegetation, for example. by trap or otherwise harm the living or dead trees,
pick (other than a single individual of) mosses,
Unleash the dogs on beaches or other places, on tracks or leads, as well as in specially protected areas under separate reserve decision,
drive a motor boat other than in Lakes Alstern, Lungen and Mången. In the parts of the specified lakes affected by the designation, it is forbidden to drive a boat with higher speed than seven (7) knots.

Information boards: A dozen information boards are posted in the area, among others at the westside of Mångenbaden in the west, at the southend of Alstern, Brattfors and "Alstertjärnarna". A larger information site is at the south carpark of Kittelfältet.
Parking: There are several car parks to choose from.
Hiking: The area is about 75 km of trails. Two nature trails start from informationsplaces at Kittelfältets south carpark.
BBQ areas: There are several to choose from.
Toilet: Several dry toilets (some have disabled access) are available along the hiking trails and parking areas.
Picnic area: Several picnic areas are available along the hiking trails.
Camping: Camping with a sandy beach is at the Mångenbaden in the southern part of the Brattforsheden.
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Svartåleden Brattforsheden
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