Multi-day canoe trip on the river Klarälven

Adventure for the whole family on the river Klarälven. Choose between a trip of 3 or 6 days.
The river Klarälven flows through the entire county of Värmland, from north to south. Its mighty meanders have left deep traces in the landscape. You can slowly paddle on the river while the surroundings shift from steep mountain slopes to flat farmland. The river is perfect for canoeing and its small beaches and sandy islets will invite you to a longer break or an evening around the camp fire. At dusk, you might see beavers in the water.

If you choose the three-day canoe trip, you will cover a distance of about 50 km, in six days about 100 km. Transport to and from the starting point is included in the booking.

This arrangement needs to be booked in advance.

More information:
Opening hours
June 21 - August 20, 2020
Sundays and Thursdays
Vildmark i Värmland
Röbjörkeby 7A
685 25 Torsby
Samlingsplats Gunnerud
Municipality: Torsby
Starting from Gunnerud, Edebäck.
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