Medieval ruins at Saxholmen

Visit the mythical island Saxholmen at Kristinehamns archipelago.
Visit the medieval ruins on the island of Saxholmen, situated in the beautiful archipelago of Kristinehamn. You can either rent a small boat or charter a bigger one.

You will experience the old atmosphere of the island.

There is a myth saying that once upon a time the cruel and hateful Saxe of Sachsen lived on the island with his wife and servants. He was a cruel man and plagued the servants and his wife, but got a rightful punishment. His wife ran away with her lover over the ice of Ölmeviken on the morning of Christmas day, on a horse that had the shoes on backwards. And ackording to the myth she set fire to the castle and tossed the key back on to the courtyard...

In the 10th century there was a stronghold on the island but now only ruins remain. Information boards are located along the path from the wooden pier up to the ruins.

The island has been a site for archeological excavations. Even on the near by islands Lindön and Torrholmen remains from medieval settlements has been found.

The path is quite uneven and needs strong legs.
Kristinehamns Turistbyrå
Södra Torget 3
681 84 Kristinehamn
Bonderudsvägen 98
681 95 Kristinehamn
Municipality: Kristinehamn
Linnea Palmqvist
Saxholmen is an island in Kristinehamn's archipelago.
Own boat or with Bojort's pirate ride.
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