Luröbåten - Boat tours to Lurö

Europe's most beautiful archipelago - Lurö, is known for its nature, beauty and unique fauna

The journey to Lurö goes through the archipelago. Along the boat trip you can for example see the profile of the National Park Djurö and lighthouse on Gunnarsholmen. During the trip there are good opportunities to see both osprey and eagle. We are approaching Lurö from the west side of Husön, at the farm Stenstaka. Here you can go ashore and hike along marked hiking trails on the island. You can also see the map in the brochure you get at the start of the journey. The hiking trail to the departure bridge is 3 km. If you do not want to walk that distance, it is possible to remain in the boat to the departure pier in Basteviken at "Luröbryggan". Here are restaurant, a museum in the old ice-cellar with old fishing gear and more. Do you want to do shorter walks on this part of the island, you have abbey ruins 100 meters away and approximately 800 meters to Stånguddens lighthouse. Possibility of overnight stay, contact us before you book the boat trip NOTE! All tours must be booked in advance, payments by cash or card. More information at the web.

Opening hours
Regular boat trips: Everyday from Midsummer Day to 31 August. For more information see web site. Note only in Swedish.
Ekenäs, Värmlandsnäs
Ekenäs, Värmlandsnäs
661 91 Säffle
Municipality: Säffle
Therese Tingberg
Ekenäs på Värmlandsnäs är ett attraktivt besöksmål. Här finns vandringsleder, gästhamn, restaurang med mera. Avgångshamn för reguljära båtturer och charterturer till Vänerns öar och skärgårdar.
Från Säffle centrum följ skyltning mot Ekenäs
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Pricetype: Adult
Price: 210 kr
Price applies to return the same day.
Pricetype: Children 5-12 year
Price: 180 kr
Price applies to return the same day.
Pricetype: Dogs
Price: 50 kr
Price applies to return the same day.