Långelanda Court House

The oldest preserved cout house in Sweden.
The countrys oldest preserved court house is in Långelanda.
At a district-court session in January 1800 it was decided that a new court house should be built. It was finished in 1802 and used until 1936, when one started to use a more modern court house in the town of Årjäng.

In Långelanda there are three buildings, a custody, an archive and the court house, which are historic monuments. The custody is built of the old court house and the archive was built in the beginning of the 20th century. The Court house is available for visitors. Contact the organizer or the Tourist office in Årjäng for an accesscode.

The court house has a fine exterior but it is the interior that is especially intresting. The bar in the sessions hall is formed as a stone circle.
Inside there is room for 12 jurors facing towards the judge and with their back towards the public. The judge and the assistant judge satto at the bench facing the listeners.

Långelanda, where the court house is situated, is a row village where the houses are placed after a long village street. The village is one of the most well preserved row villages in Värmland. The oldest houses are built during the 19th century.
Back in the days there was a stage and an inn. The judge and the jurors stayed at the farms in the village during the weeks when there was a session.

There is a book about the hundred of Nordmark and the court house of Långelanda. It is written by Anna-Lena Nordström.

In 1865 a trial, that was noticed both in Sweden and abroad, was held. The defendant was the vicar Anders Lindbäck.
He stood in the dock, prosecuted for having murdered several parishioners by adding arsenic to the communal wine, as he visited the poor an ill. The reason was mercy, according to vicar Lindbäck.
The real reason was that vicar Linbäck felt that the parish had to great expenses for poor relief. He was sentenced to death for having murdered an unusual number of his parishioners. He later commited suicide in the county prison in Karlstad.

Before there has been a country play about a trial at Långelanda but now a newly written drama of five acts has been played at the community centre in Silbodal. It is written by Gösta Karlsson from Årjäng and holds the titel "First, order on earth" after an utterance from vicar Lindbäck.
The country play is also about the person who could testify against vicar Lindbäck and have him convicted, Daniel in Huken. Several times he was served the poisoned communal wine but could not swallow it. Nevertheless Daniels mother became a victim of vicar Lindbäck.
Silbodals Hembygdsförening
+46 768399840
Långelanda Tingshus
672 91 Årjäng
Municipality: Årjäng
From Årjäng drive road 172 towards Arvika for about 5 km. The Court house is situated on the left side.
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