Hiking in Lönnskog

Hike in historic district, visit the gold mine and a forest hut in Säffle. The trails provide natural experiences with enchanting views
The trails provide natural experiences in both large and small, with view points with views over the blue mountains and enchanting old-growth forest. You can choose between light leads to more demanding trails, all are equally well kept. Lönnskog is close Glaskogen Nature Reserve.

The trail Stenbyhöjden is a short hike. It has a length of about 1.8 km. From Stenbyhöjden, one can see numerous rivers and even the smoke from the Gruvön mill in Grums. Terrain: Easy - very strong

Stone Gold Mine. The trail goes over Kniphöjden. It has wonderful picnic on Kniphöjden with fantastic views. A unique place that together with little previous knowledge provides a rich reward. The length of the tour is about 5 km. Terrain: Easy - very strong

Mögsjön. The trail to go through scenic forests and lands about 8.5 km away. At Mögsjön there is a shelter for rest and overnight stay. A detour from Mögsjön go to Leken. Terrain: Easy - strong

Stenbyälven. This is the easiest ride. Here are the barbecue, wind shelter and forest hut.

Nordtorp. The longest hiking trail passes several cultural heritage sites. It also goes by Segelstorpshöjdens Nature Reserve. Length: 15 km one way. Terrain: Easy - very strong

Ulvfjällets Nature Reserve. Nature Reserve consists of mature coniferous forests, in places high proportion of deciduous trees. Height: 2 km. Terrain: Easy - Strong

Map Materials: Lönnskog brochure with map and info available for free at on Säffle tourist office. National Land Survey topographic maps, available for purchase at Säffle tourist office
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Vandringsleder - Lönnskog
Elovsbyn Lönnskog
661 96 Långserud
Municipality: Säffle
Lederna utgår från Elovsbyns Lägergård/vandrarhem.
Norra delen av Säffle kommun. Avtagsväg vid Långserud mot Lönnskog, Elovsbyn
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