Gylterudsgrottan - cave

Cave in Mangskog formed at the intersection of two rift valley systems.
A landslide cave with galleries and halls formed at the intersection of two rift valley systems.
In Värmland there are no caves in the sense of rock shelters, i.e. that the cave has been hollowed out from the mountain. Rich flora along the brook from Dammtjärn.

According to the legend the cave is the entrance to the castle of the giants Bergdöse and Bergkulla. The neighbouring farm is Tomta and as they lend out their cauldron to Bergkulla they got it back full of the giants’ power potion. Thanks to this they finished the hay making in three days instead of three weeks. All in Gylterud are said to be related to Bergdöse – and just as strong!
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Tillgänglig året om.
Arvika Turistbyrå
Storgatan 22
671 31 Arvika
+46 57081790
Gylterud Tomta
671 96 Mangskog
Municipality: Arvika
Grotta nära Mangskog, ca 25 km nordöst om Arvika.
South of Mangskog on the west side of lake Mangen. A wooden fingerpost points out the exit to Gylterudsgrottan from the road from Arvika just before one enters Mangskog. From there it is well marked. One must walk the last 400-500 m by foot. The last part is stony.
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