Go by bike or by car on a trip between farm shops in the southern part of Hagfors municipality.
Summer is the perfect time for excursions and adventures. Add localy produced food, beverages and wonderful company along on the trip and you will have the perfect recipe on how to create memorable moments together. Pack your basket with local delicacies, pick a place that speaks to you and dig in when hunger reveals itself. Because everything tastes just a little bit better under a clear blue sky, right? The fresh air, tranquility and nature are in addition to this an extraordinary company.

Right next to the river Klarälven is the small village of Östra Skymnäs. The farm Torfolk Gård grows vegetables and produces yummy jam, lemonade and marmalade. All of their products are organic and approved by KRAV, which is Sweden’s most famous labeling of organic food that the owners, Olle and Marica, helped to start in the early 80’s.

What does a sunny summer’s day taste like? As pure and clear strawberry lemonade with a touch of apple. At least according to Enbackens Musteri, a farm shop with summer café that produces everything from cider and marmalade to mulled wine and chutney. The company’s philosophy is simple; everything should taste like you remember from before. Nostalgia at its best.

Lakene is the home of a cheese farm that is beautifully situated between forests, sparkling lakes and wide meadows. Here the Dutchmen Jan and Ingrid produce cheese with both tradition and innovation. Several of their products have won prices in the Swedish Mastership in Artisan Food. Let yourself be surprised of the taste of their seed-spiced cheese or discover their delicious ice cream in their summer café.

Loviseberg Herrgård, a mansion from the late 1700’s, is beautifully situated in Loviseberg south of Sörby. They run a small farm with the main purpose to produce their own food as far as possible. The left-overs from what they produce will be sold to visitors or used in the food they serve to the guests. Here you can enjoy a buffet of home-made cookies baked with Swedish butter and a lot of love. Choose your favorite cookies and enjoy them outside in the garden with a cup of coffee in an old-fashioned way.

Here you can brighten the breakfast moment with freshly baked sourdough bread or enjoy cinnamon buns under the flowering apple trees in the bakery’s garden. In the shop you can buy cheese, meat products, vegetables and dairies from producers in Värmland.
Opening hours
Torfolk Gård - Tuesday-Friday 1pm-6pm, Saturday 12am-3pm (summertime) Thursday-Friday 3pm-6pm, Saturday 12am-3pm (wintertime)
Enbackens Musteri - Thursday-Sunday 11am-5pm (summertime)
Lakene Ostgård - Monday-Sunday 12am-6pm (summertime)
Loviseberg Herrgård -The café: Sundays 11am-5pm (summertime), The restaurant: Fridays 6pm-10pm (only bookings)
Höje Vedugnsbageri - Tuesday-Friday 12am-5pm, Saturday 12am-3pm (summertime), Thursday-Friday 9am-4pm, Saturday 9am-3pm
Torfolk Gård
Östra Skymnäs
684 95 Höje
+46 056372368
Torfolk Gård
Östra Skymnäs
684 95 Höje
Municipality: Hagfors
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