Fishing water - Mangen-Treen FVOF

Mangen-Treen FVOF
Welcome to the fishing grounds of Mangen-Treen that offers good fishing as well as game fishing.
In the Mangen-Treen fishing area are lakes like Mången, Stor-Treen, Lill-Treen and Trehörningen included.

Fishing bridge for disabled people are located at Svarttjärnet and Lilla Tisketjärn

Game fishing: Svarttjärnet, Lilltjärnet and Lilla Tiskaretjärn/Hundtjärn. For Herdalstjärnet and Bråntjärnet a regular fishing permit is required. In game fishing grounds it is not permitted to use a boat. Game fish is released into the waters two times a year in June and July.

Species of fish: Pike, perch, salmon trout, char and whitefish. Trout can be found in put-and-take water.

Reseller of fishing permit: Arvika Tourist Information Center, Treens Camping, Fredros Gård, the shop in Gräsmark and Håkan Olsson.
Children up to 16 years fish free on the parent’s licence.

You find a map of the area on the right side of the page, under "Files", or online via
Mangen-Treens FVOF
+46 570774085
Mangen-Treen FVOF
Municipality: Arvika
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Pricetype: Year
Price: 300 kr
1 May - 30 April
Pricetype: Month
Price: 150 kr
Pricetype: Day
Price: 50 kr
Pricetype: Game fishing / Put and take
Price: 100 kr