Finngården Ritamäki, Lekvattnet

Ritamäki is the best preserved old Finnish settlement of Värmland. The Seven Croft hiking trail ends here.
Ritaberg, or Ritamäki in Finnish, was the last settlement in Värmland where descendants of the old Finnish settlers lived. The siblings Beda and Henning Jansson were the last residents; they moved away in 1964. Their grandfather Olof Jansson was told to have had a hard life at Ritamäki. He lost his wife and four children to dysentery in 1857, but built a new family afterwards, of which Beda and Henning were the descendants.

The smoke house at Ritamäki is located at the centre of a big farmyard with sheds, store houses, sauna and several barns. Ritamäki and its surroundings are protected as a cultural heritage site and nature reserve. You can find rare plants and flowers here, thanks to the haymaking tradition which is kept alive every year in the month of July.

From the parking at Lake Lomsen, you need to walk about 1,3 km uphill to arrive at the Ritamäki settlement.
Ritamäki is open during the summers. You can sit inside or outside and have coffee, drinks or a waffle.

The Seven Croft Trail ends in Ritamäki. This is a beautiful 7,9 km long hiking trail, starting from the parking at Lake Lomsen and going past seven Finnish settlements in the area, in Norway and Sweden, including Ritamäki.
Opening hours
June 22 - August 16 Open every day 11 AM - 17 PM
August 22 - september 13 Open on weekends 11 AM - 16 PM
Lekvattnets hembygdsförening
Karmenkynna, Lekvattnet
685 91 Torsby
Ritamäki finngård
Ritamäki, Lekvattnet
685 91 Torsby
Municipality: Torsby
Sune Lekemark
Finngård i Lekvattnet
Ca 22 km west of Torsby, 10 km from Lekvattnet, direction Kvarntorp. Turn right at sign for Ritamäki. Walking-path the last 1,5 km.
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