Esters Café

Treat yourself to a little extra - warm welcome home to Esters!

Café in in old fashioned style. Esters reopens! Spring and summer until August you can enjoy coffee in the garden or why not one of the popular and delicious ice cream creation at Esters.

Now you can book Afternoon Tea and Pink Weekend at! Served every Saturday and Sunday from March 20 until June 6, except for the Easter weekend. New for this year is that there are 3 extra rooms upstairs for Afternoon Tea with only 1 table for 4 people per room. First come first served!. Esters will run a special adapted season, so stay updated follow Esters on Facebook and see website.


Opening hours
For updates of opening hours, events etc see Esters Facebook and website
Ed, Långserud
Hagalund, Ed
661 96 Långserud
Municipality: Säffle
Esters café med trädgårdsbutik ligger intill E18 mot Oslo. Caféet har en gammaldags härlig atmosfär. Plantor, fröer, glass, fika, mat.
Från Säffle kör mot Knöstad vidare mot Årjäng. Esters ligger på höger sida i Långserud
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