The City Library

The city library of Karlstad that opened in 1973.
This was one of Sweden´s most modern libraries when it opened in 1973. The building was designed by the architect Janne Feldt. It is situated on Sandgrundsudden close to Värmlands museum. The library consists of approximately 150 000 volumes and among those are books from the 15th century. In the library there are also departments for music, computers and children. Some of the municipal authorities have their offices here. In the building there are also an auditorium, a café, a theatre and a cinema.
Karlstad kommun - Kultur- och Fritidsförvaltningen
Västra Torggatan 26
651 84 Karlstad
+46 545400000
Bibliotekshuset, Västra Torggatan 26
Västra Torggatan 26
651 84 Karlstad
Municipality: Karlstad
Bibliotekshuset ligger mellan Stora Torget och Sandgrunds udden. Huset rymmer bibliotek, Kontaktcenter, Rådrummet, Arenan och ett kafé.
The café is placed in the same building as the library in the city centre, Västra torggatan 26.
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