Church of Torsby

The main church of Torsby, Fryksände church, is a stately brick church beautifully situated in the town centre.
The church was built in 1896-97 in neogothic style. It replaced the old wooden church which was located on the same spot. It was built as a longhouse with three naves, a threesided choir and a tall tower.

Inside the church, you will find some artifacts coming from the medieval church: the stone baptismal font, dating from around 1250, and a small altarpiece which was made at the end of the 15th century.

A chapel, called Siris chapel, is located next to the church. It was inaugurated in 1950 and shows some high-standard artistic decoration. The chapel's name is derived from a medieval woman, named Siri, who lived in the nearby village of Bada. According to legend, Siri promised to donate all her goods to the church when she got lost in the woods and could not find her way back home again. Eventually, she managed to find her way by listening to the ringing of the church bells. Faithful to her promise, she donated her properties to the church, and it was from the returns on her forest property Långsjöhöjden, amongst others, that the building of the chapel could be financed.

Every Sunday at 11.00 am, a morning service is celebrated in Fryksände church. There also are concerts in the church with music and songs.
Fryksände pastorat
Kyrkogatan 26
685 30 Torsby
Fryksände kyrka
Kyrkogatan 26
685 30 Torsby
Municipality: Torsby
Fryksände kyrka ligger i Torsby tätort och är en av fyra kyrkor i Frysände pastorat. Kyrkan är en tegelkatedral som invigdes 1898. Intill ligger Siris kapell som invigdes 1950.
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