The church in Brattfors

Have you heard of the legend of the open belfry window?
The inauguration of the church in Brattfors were held in 1669. The legend of the open belfry window:
The king of Sweden was dead and a bellringing were commited. The squire decided that only two of the three belllringers should carry on because this was under the harvest time. The authorities condemned therefore the squire to be fined 50 öre every day for the rest of his life. Further should he always wear a horsehairring around his neck. As a warning and a reminder about the cheating with the committed bellringing of the dead king, the congregation were judged that one of the church´s west belfry window always had to be open.
Rv 63
682 91 Filipstad
Municipality: Filipstad
Hans Lundberg
Brattfors ligger ca 1 mil från Filipstad längs rv 63. I byn finns bl.a Lindgårdens handel med second hand och byns samlingplats bygdegården samt Brattfors kyrka. Utmärkta vandringsleder på naturreservaten på Brattforsheden. Brattfors gård driver STF vandrarhem. Välkommen till en levande landsbygd.
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