Carli Choklad

In central Karlstad you will find Carli Choklad. They produce pralines, chocolate and Italian ice cream out of incredible commodities.
You will find Carli Choklad in the middle of Karlstad, a shop and café in the same local. Behind the glass walls everything from pralines to Italian ice cream is produced by professionals. In the shop you can find treats that are made on the spot. Other than that Carli Choklad offers luxurious packages, coffee and tea out of a big variety of tastes. Carli Choklad has also been in the White Guide for years, The Nordics foremost guide to the best restaurants.
Opening hours
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Carli Choklad
Järnvägsgatan 3
652 25 Karlstad
Carli Choklad
Järnvägsgatan 3
652 25 Karlstad
Municipality: Karlstad
Carli Choklad offers shop and cafe in the center of Karlstad, close to the train station. In summertimes there is outdoor seating.
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Locally produced
Open Sundays
Lake Vänern