Canoeing on the river Röjdån

Paddle through a fertile valley with beautiful views of mountains and hills in the north and the
The Röjdån is a small river flowing into Lake Fryken at Torsby. At some points in its course, the river widens and forms small lakes.

The canoe tour starts in Torsby on a Monday or a Thursday. You paddle to Lake Kläggen in the north and then slowly return to Torsby. Although the canoeing goes counterflow from Torsby to Lake Kläggen, you will hardly notice it because the river is dammed. You can choose for a day trip or paddle the entire route (3 days, 45 km) with two short lifts in each direction.

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This arrangement needs to be booked in advance and is available on Mondays and Thursdays.
Opening hours
May - August
Available on Mondays and Thursdays
Vildmark i Värmland
Röbjörkeby 7A
685 25 Torsby
Vildmark i Värmland
Röbjörkeby 7
685 92 Torsby
Municipality: Torsby
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