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Strandvallen Häljeboda
Kayaking is a great way to experience nature. You travel at your own pace and have the chance to see wildlife up close.
We are located in Häljeboda near the Norwegian border, north of Charlottenberg. You can rent single and double kayaks and set out on a journey of discovery. We even have some foldable kayaks that can be transported in the boot of a car. If you need help with transportation, we can arrange that and also assist you with maps and tour suggestions. Our paddling tours are on calm waters in very stable kayaks. Always book in advance to ensure that personnel and equipment are available. See the website for more information, prices and planned tours.
Backwater Outdoor Experiences
Järnvägsgatan 16
652 25 Karlstad
Strandvallen Häljeboda
Municipality: Eda
Naturskön badplats vid sjön Vällen i Häljeboda. Här finns brygga, omklädningsrum, fotbollsplan, boulebana, vindskydd och grillplatser. Fina fiskemöjligheter med iläggningsplats för båt. Kajakuthyrning och kiosk. Nära till Finnskogleden.
Skyltat Strandvallen från väg 863 i Häljeboda
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