Animals and nature - birdwatching in Inre Kilsviken

An internationally important area for wetland birds located south of Kristinehamn.
In 1991 this area was designated a nature reserve and from an international point of view it is considered as an important area for wetland birds. For birdwatchers, a morning or evening visit to the observation tower often provides the best opportunities.

A visit to Inre Kilsviken can be combined with hiking on Prästön, Nötön; as well as Arskagern’s distance-footpaths where you can enjoy the fantastic deciduous forests.

Inre Kilsviken is about 30 km south of Kristinehamn and has three birdwatching towers, marked trails and an outdoor toilet without water.
Fågelskådning Inre Kilsviken
681 93 Kristinehamn
Municipality: Kristinehamn
Kristinehamns turistbyrå
Kilsviken is famous for its rich bird life, which you can best study from the reserve's bird tower. Inner Kilsviken is about 3 mil south of Kristinehamn and has three observation towers, marked trails and an outdoor toilet.
From Kristinehamn's center drive Rv26 south, turn right at Nybble and drive about 6 km west towards Medhamn. Parking spaces are located on both sides of the road. From the parking lot there is about 1 km of hiking down to the bay.
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