Älgå Hembygdsgård and kyrkby

The homestead museum and village Älgå is an area of historical and cultural interest and value. It is situated at lake Glasfjorden, southwest of Arvika.
By the bank of the west side of Glafsfjorden Älgå kyrkby is situated, this is an area next to the church with a lot of historical and cultural value.
The area was an important place for iron and wood industry because of the river Älgån. There are some buildings left from this era: Älgå nail smithy and a magazine by the water.
In the summertime, the nail smithy and homestead museum with a café is open for visitors.For children there is an adventurous playground with a zipline for kids.
Opening hours
2020: Älgå homestead museum: 28 June-16 August, daily 2-5 pm.Café open 1 May-14 June sundays 2-5 pm, 19June- 31 August, 2 pm- 6 pm every day. In September (café only) Saturday - Sunday 2-6 pm, October - 15 November (café only) Sunday 2-6 pm.
Älgå Hembygdsförening
Parkgatan 15
671 32 Arvika
Älgå Hembygdsgård
Älgå Hembygdsgård
671 93 Arvika
Municipality: Arvika
Hembygdsgård och bygdemuseum nära kyrkan och Älgå spiksmedjan i Älgå.
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