Adventureslide, Brattfallet, Vildmark i Värmland

An air ride across the mighty Brattfallet in Halgåns Canyon. One step and you fly...
An air ride across the mighty Brattfallet in Halgåns canyon . One step and you fly ... The adventure consists of ropeway , abseiling and Burmabro . These are standard steps in this adventure. For groups , we adapt the exercises for your purpose and preferences. For groups we organize also like an adventure game where you together solve certain tasks with the help of the elements of this adventure course . To conduct the course takes at least 2 hours. Are you a group that want expanded program it will take longer . A good ground condition is good to have with you . To let the adventure find way, at least five adults have to book . Children aged 12-15 years accompanied by an adult . ( Younger children accompanied by an adult can participate in certain activities in agreement with the guide. ) More information:
Vildmark i Värmland
Röbjörkeby 7A
685 25 Torsby
Municipality: Hagfors
The Halgå trail starts at Brattfallet, located on the east side close to the river Klarälven, just north from Ekshärad. Brattfallet is signed with brown signs marked from Fastnäs and the village "Byn". From Ekshärad you can reach Brattfallet from two directions: first, by going east across the bridge to the intersection in the village "Byn", and take a left and head north, about 15 km. You can also take the road 62 on the river Klarälven's west side, cross the river in Fastnäs, and then take a left to the south 5 km. At you final destination there's good signage.
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