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Arvika is in the heart of Värmland and has Sweden’s furthest inland harbour, a rich cultural life, proud traditions of craftsmanship and impressive nature. Welcome! Arvika has a cosy, welcoming city centre with an exciting array of shops and restaurants, as well as the harbour area which is a centre for entertainment and nightlife in the summertime. You’ll find attractions for lovers of culture, a rich selection of concerts and live music, 165 lakes for fishing and water sports, as well as huge forests for lovers of the outdoors.
Welcome to the small municipality with the big heart! In Degerfors, you’re never far away from water or incredible natural wonders. You’ll find the lakes Möckeln, Skagern, Ölen, Storbjörken and Lillbjörken here. A rich life of fishing and nature can be yours.
Eda municipality is important to cross-border trade and has historical attractions and experiences in nature, in both summer and wintertime. Welcome to Eda!
Moose and beaver safaris, gold prospecting, hiking, horses and wagons, wilderness riding, train trolleys, canoes, tour skating, golf, minigolf, tennis, paintball, sumo wrestling!!! And much, much more... And remember to give yourself time to relax by the shore - try your hand at fishing in one of our rivers and streams. Your fishing permit can be purchased at the tourist office, among other places. You have plenty of choices with our activity companies; to be safe, book before you get here, to be sure you don’t miss out on anything.
We’d love to tell you about the Klarälven river, and share fishing stories and tales of our log-driving era. Active leisure time is on offer here, not least on our car-free path, Klarälvsbanan. The closeness gives you opportunities. The heartbeat of Karlstad and the calm of nature, both are within easy reach here.
Thanks to our rich history from places such as Liljedal, Borgvik, Segmon, Slottsbron and Grums itself, our region really has something for everyone. You’re welcome to come and discover the Grums region!
There are beautiful forest landscapes, fantastic views, and a calm here that you won’t find anywhere else. The natural beauty lasts all year-round and we have a large range of activities available that offer you an amazing way to enjoy the natural environment.
Hammarö is an island in the Vänern lake. Regardless of whether you visit the main street in the regional centre, Skoghall, or the Skärgårdsmuseet in Hammarö Kulturbygd, you’re always close to Värmland’s archipelago. Beyond the wide cultural life, there are bathing areas, cosy restaurants, and more to visit.
Karlskoga has an exciting history, in large part due to Alfred Nobel and his last will and testament. You are warmly welcome to visit Björkborns herrgård to find out more about his life. You can also say hello to the mill workers at the Arbertarmuseet in Gråbo and see how they worked in the iron development industry at Granbergsdals hytta.
In Karlstad, we’re proud of our exception offering of culture and dining. Haute cuisine, traditional Swedish or exotic Lebanese for your delectation. We have one of Sweden’s six opera houses, plus the Lars Lerin gallery, and there’s always some fun event taking place. Welcome to a richer experience. You are warmly welcome in Karlstad.
In Kil there are a lot of streams, lakes and tarns, and in the local nature you can hike, fish, and pick berries or mushrooms. With a bit of luck you might also see wild animals such as beavers, roe deer, moose or foxes.
Stroll though the charming city centre with its history dating back to the 1600’s or enjoy the waters of Vänern lake, Europe’s largest lake archipelago, with thousands of islands, islets and skerries. Attractions here include archipelago tours, shallow sandy bays, smooth cliffs, shopping, food, entertainment, cultural activities, and much more.
Traditional and exciting attractions boasting a mixture of culture, nature, tradition, festivities and humour. Ransäter and Hembygdsgården are well worth a visit, with their museums and events as well as the beautiful Bruksparken and Klarälven’s tallest natural waterfall in Munkfors. Take a bike tour around the car-free Klarälvsbanan.
Like a blue ribbon, the Bergslagskanalen lake system winds its way through the Storfors region. Come here and discover all the hideaways along this string of pearls, made up of lakes, rivers, canals, and locks. With 570 kilometres of shoreline, it never gets crowded. We offer an active outdoor life in historical and cultural spaces.
Sunne is situated on a strait that lies between Övre- and Mellanfryken and has plenty of must-sees. For culture lovers, there’s Selma Lagerlöf’s Mårbacka, Rottneros Park and Västanå Teaters Berättarlådan. The kids will love Vattenlandet waterpark and Ski Sunne. And we also have one of Scandinavia’s largest spas, Selma Spa.
Säffle is the region that starts at lake Vänern. Despite its breathtaking history that started in the 7th century, Säffle is Sweden's youngest city.
Go skiing in the summer in Torsby Ski Tunnel or build your own timber raft. Our popular art galleries and genuine Finnish culture are interspersed with water parks and ski resorts with guaranteed snow. Events like the rally cross European Championships, Rally Sweden and Svennis cup attract thousands of visitors each year, and you are welcome too.
Give us a chance to show you what the municipality of Årjäng has to offer - we promise you won’t regret it. With our 1000 lakes, 300 km of hiking trails in a natural environment, rich with wildlife, you’ll really experience the wilderness.
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